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Common,rare,super rare and legendary COT

This is my new idea
A COT for common, rare, super rare and legendary
It should work like a normal cot but it is open for lower level player too 20+, only 10-15 event to complete too unlock it and it will cycle through different rarity and for each one you need a certain level to do it

  • Common-20+
  • Rare- 30+
  • Super rare-40+
  • Legendary-50+

It should be a rotation like Common, rare, super rare, super rare aquatic/cenozoic and then legendary, legendary aquatic/cenozoic
There should be a vote.
Each creature should not appear in the weekly unlock


We already have Clash of Champions

But it should be an unlock, just like COT something monthly!

A better idea would be to have them as unlocks for lower rugs of tournaments, for example having Nasutosaurus, Eupho and shunosaurus unlocks at survivor, Hunter and predator in an Pachyrhinosaurus tournament.

This ensures that new players get atleast a few of them before they get dominator ready line ups and also gives a chance for an unlock for endgame players who might have the tournament crew already but don’t have a rare unlocked so they can just stay in survivor


This idea is also really cool!!
Something like a carnivore only…


Yeah this way, there will be more opportunities to unlock creatures without unlock events ( Pyroraptor, Aerotitan, Sarcosuchus, Parasaurolophus etc)


Noooooo this will give Ludia an idea to do this instead of adding creatures not in rotation to creatures in rotation🤪


Collect them all fast while they’re still there… :rofl:


Better than nothing

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