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Common Scent Capsule Luck


Decided to use a common scent capsule during some downtime. Must have been effective as it brought in a T-Rex.


at least its not just me. Got nodo from the first and rex from the 2nd

But did the common scents really cost 50$ yesterday? Thought it was 100. Anyway, i hope they dont mess with the probabilities.


Yep. Used about 30 so far, seen 3? Epics


50 for a pack of 5. I’m really liking the common ones.


I used my first common scent capsule and only 3 common dinos came by. That sucks. Two out of the five minutes, the area was just empty. The other three minutes were spent getting those common dinos. Bummer.


Congrats on the awesome epic spawns! :muscle:

I’ve the opposite luck, last two epic scent capsules only gave me two epic spawns each and that’s with me walking around! Me thinks I should invest in common capsules instead. :thinking:


I tried it out and got 3 Lythronax.:roll_eyes:


I can’t complain. At least with the common scents you know where you stand. With rare scents, good luck getting more than one rare to show up. If at all.

It’s helped me stock up on lots of common DNA I needed, so yeah… No complaints.

The rare incubs… that’s a completely different story.


Just used one of my free daily common scent capsule and out sprung a Brachiosaurus! :star_struck:

Epic and rare scent capsules have been more of a mixed bag for me.


You’re lucky! I still haven’t seen either Brachy or Giraffa here yet…


I think this is Ludia’s way of trying to make up for the countless useless epic dna that came out of all the epic incubators I’ve spent money on.:rofl: My epic scent capsules have been giving me mostly Concavenators and Koolasuchus though I did finally get a Pteranodon to spawn tonight

I haven’t had much luck finding Titans either but for the past 3 nights now I’ve come across wild Brachiosaurus at the same hour within the same 300m radius. It’s the weirdest thing.


I’ve seen one near my home

Rip legend


Tested my 3 common capsules on different locations to see if I also got a luck.
Note that I ignored all the commons just to test what’s in the capsule.

1st capsule
the rest are commons.

2nd capsule
rest are commons.

3rd capsule
rest are commons.

Thanks Ludia! :kissing_heart: