Common scents


I think the time a common scent should be buffed because 5 minutes is a big difference to a rare scent which is 20 minutes. Quite frankly most of that time is spent on shooting darts at the dinosaurs that do come around and it isn’t fair


I said the same thing a week or so ago and got shot down because apparently it’s long enough to dart three dinosaurs. If I can’t dart 3 dinosaurs in that time I’m doing something wrong. No actual response to the idea that it should be more than 5 minutes.


It is time enough to dart 3 and theyre free. Its also worth mentioning that Ive had 2 in a row spawn an epic so I think theyre fair


I buy the packs of 5 for 50 cash. If your moving at a reasonable pace you can spawn doubles uqaulizing 6 spawns per scent with a total of 30 dino’s For 50 dino bucks. Not counting they can spawn epics and have gotten them. Never had issues with time trouble darting them before they vanish.


My game bugs out a lot when I click on a dinosaur to shoot darts and it wastes more time when it’s stuck on the droid loading screen. And I’m saying yeah good deal on the 5 for 50 Dino bucks I do it all the time but it’s still a big difference from the rare scents I’m sure you can all agree on this. Just add an extra 5 minutes to the scent and it will be fine and it will worth way more


It’s s big difference cause you’re paying a big difference for a better quality scent. Wouldn’t make sense to move the gap to only 10 min compared to the rare and epic scent Unless you increased the store price of a normal scent from the store. Not counting it’s free on a daily basis.