Common Super-hybrid Ideas

We have 2 rare super-hybrids, a super-rare super-hybrid, and 2 legendary super-hybrids! So why not a common super-hybrid? I know some of you will say “ThEn It WiLl bE tOo EaSy tOo GeT A PoWeRfUl CrEaTuRe!” So I laid some ground rules.
All common super-hybrids MUST be fused with either a legendary or a tournament legendary.
Common Superhybrids can NOT be better than rare, super-rare, or legendary super-hybrids.
Um…yea thats all the rules i have so far
tell me if im missing any.

What do you mean, common super-hybrids must be fused with a legendary or tournament legendary? You do realize that if a legendary or tournament legendary is involved, then the superhybrid will not be common?

I just ran some calcs, and it honestly wouldn’t be overpowered for early game players to have a common superhybrid. Alangasaurus, the weakest common hybrid, is 2010 ferocity at level 40. S-hybrids are stronger than their components max level at level 10, so an Alangasaurus shybrid has to be around 2400, 2500 ferocity at level 10. That’s a VIP. That’s literally a VIP, with VIP-level cooldown too.


@Raptor43577 the rarity of the S-DNA does not affect the rarity of the super hybrid. Look at tapejalocephalus. It is tapejalosaurus (rare hybrid) with euplocephalus (super rare) S-DNA.
A common super hybrid I would like to see would be alangasaurus rex (alangasaurus+t-rex)

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Diplosuchus its diplotator + sarcosuchus s dna…

an idea of super hybrid pelecanipteryx + tupuxuara s dna
tupupteryx hp 5000 damage 1500 :wink:


I think you guys misunderstood raptor, hes saying that if commons had to be fused with tourneys or legendary they would no longer be a common, hes not talking about the sdna.

@anon28420136 it’s a great idea but scrap the fusion with legendary or tournament creature, common superhybrids would not be OP in the slightest, for alanga for instance a level 40 superhybrid would be just a bit weaker than level 40 ophiacomimus

Dimetrodon = legendary
carnoraptor= rare
Dimetrocarnus = Rare

The rarity of the creature in the sdna does not have any affect on the hybrid whatsoever (strengthwise), the sdna creature is just for show

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See, I understood his post as saying that one of the hybrid components was legendary or tourney legendary. Because he was trying to use that to make the superhybrid harder to get, and the rarity of the sdna creature has absolutely NO effect on how hard the creature is to get. Diplosuchus is a legendary sdna and requires 1500. Monolophosaurus is a rare sdna and requires 2000. So I don’t see how saying the common superhybrid has to fuse with a legendary makes it any harder to get

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Yeah it doesnt, but common superhybrids would not be too OP anyway, judging by stats alanga superhybrid would be a bit weaker than ophiacomimus while pelicanipteryx would be a bit weaker than a carnoraptor.

They will probably have shorter cooldowns but at level 40 it wouldnt be by much.

Let’s say the sdna would be 500 per copy it would still take some time to get it to max level aswell.

I think it’s a great idea to add common superhybrids I hope they do.

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is actually better than some (either tourneys or vips) non-hybrid herbivores

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Labyrinthosaurus + 180 Tuojiangosaurus S-DNA = Labojianthosaur (mid-size Sauropod model).

Alangasaurus + 360 Ceratosaurus S-DNA = Ceralangasaur (Spino model cuz it’s a Alangasaurus with a thinner body and larger arm)

Metrialong + 250 Ophiacodon S-DNA = Metralocodon (Raptor model)

Limnorhynchus + 320 Ichthyostega S-DNA = Ichthyorhynchus ( Pterosaurs model)


Metrialong is a super rare.
Maybe 1000 s-dna to unlock and 500 to buy

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Sorry! I was confuse that the Metrialong was an Common! Another ideas anyways:
Pelecanipteryx + 360 Archelon S-DNA = Parchepteryx(Common, Pterosaur model)

IMO 360 is a bit too little for a common super hybrid. Maybe 1000 to unlock and 500 to buy