Common tourament is the worst

Seriously, i just feel bad even trying to get 10 knockdowns in a common tourament so i will get 1000 points for the allancie. I just can’t even make it to there anymore. And for me is it just more pain because i need to complete achviement lord tourament too. But even that is too hard… :frowning: :frowning:


No it isn’t it was fine the only tournaments i hate is the ones where everything is allowed because it’s basically just regular battles


Yeah i get that. I just wish i could at least complete the achievement. Already trying that (kind of) for months… (anyone got some tips or something for me?)

It’s probably one of the fairest skill tournament ever. Not relying too much on randomness. The only unfair element of this tournament are the speed ties but that is shared by all the skill tournaments anyway. It is not the most interesting for sure but battles are closely fought and what is more the battles are fairly short as there are no too many flocks!


I like the tourney

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I don’t mind these common ones. For these I will play all 4 of the accounts I have simultaneously till I get the 10 takedowns on each. I get so focused on just keeping up with hitting an attack button or putting in a new creature, it keeps me from getting competitive. I do win a few matches. It goes pretty fast. I even get the next battles going once a match ends while still playing matches on the other 3 accounts. I just chain battle till its all done.

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If it’s a skill tournament I’m not interested in, I hit battle and do dishes.
Come back and hit battle again and do laundry.
Come back and hit battle and begin working on the shopping list.
Come back and hit battle and feed the pups.
Come back and hit battle and catch up on reddit, then Forums, then discord.
It’s usually done after reddit reading, but if not it’s always done before finishing with discord.

Now Advantage is a whole nother story.


You’re kidding right? Half the matchups in this tourneys are decided by crits :skull:, like amphi usually beats every resilient but one crit and it’s down the cliff. There is basically no outplay potential if you have a bad hand, with something like fukui you can draw 4 flocks on it and still win with a bit of predicting, but there’s no chance of that here. You draw 4 things that lose to coel you are not killing it without sacrificing half your team


IDk what your doing but for me the Common Tourney is really fun,It’s been forever since I used old staples like MIragaia and there isn’t massive powercreep since EVERYONE HAS COMMONS

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I mean there’s more creatures viable in the common tourney than in any other.

Eh, more creatures being usable doesn’t really mean fun or less reliant format

I love the com tournaments


Yes there are still critical hits but that’s pretty much it, no dodge failing, no stun failing. Over all it is one of the tournaments that relies the least on randomness even though there is still randomness. You are as close as you can get of having 50% chance of winning the match when you push the battle button if you don’t take into account speed ties.

What nobody has mentioned is that a Common Tournament is also good for newer players who have unlocked Tournaments but haven’t yet had a chance to create enough creatures to enter others.

For every type of tournament there’s a post like this. What’s the purpose? Some you’ll like some you won’t. That’s why it’s a good thing Ludia rotates them. For everyone there’s a tournament type to their liking and some that aren’t. I still prefer every tournament over PvP especially now with the restrictions.

I got the sloth badge by playing this and the last common tournament.
I would say the variety of creatures is indeed very boring, I remember pre 2.0 tournaments having a larger variety of creatures


10 Carcharodontosaurus

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lol, i am still at 12/35. I need 6 more common tournaments to get there.

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I love the advantage common tourney!!