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Common tournament coming up 05.10, why?

Do we really need another tournament next week when the battle system is still this messed up?
Ohh and an any level common+boosts tournament? why? :smiley:

Hopefully the game will be fixed by then and that is why they are doing it, as a do over.

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but who would boost their common dinos? :smiley: well maybe miragaia but still …

Bugs and failure aside, I don’t understand why you can’t win incubators in the tournament. The only incentive is to play and win enough battles to earn some hard cash that only the truly dedicated will be able to achieve.

Top 250? What a joke, I get a couple coins per win and that’s it.


Commons + Boost??? Why??? I’m skipping this one out cause of the boosts. Why couldn’t it just be pure commons?? Are we still gonna be set to Lv26 or no??

Non competitive players who arn’t bothered in climbing to the top of the Arena? Plus, if it works the same as this week’s attempted tournament stat boosts don’t get applied.

Can you believe it ?
The tournament for this week is commons at any level , plus boosts .
Yep , commons , any level , and any boosts !
No rares , no epics , no legendaries , no uniques .
What are Ludia doing ?

As hard as you try to be positive , you’re always going to fail I’m afraid . It’s patently clear that it’s commons at any level , with any boosts you want to add .
Thus more players spending more money on more boosts .

My lvl 1 miragaia will do wonders in this tournament

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To be fair I had missed where it said just commons and boosts. I had assumed that they would rerun the failed weekend open skill event.

Trying to keep things interesting. Play dinosaurs that don’t normally get played. Sounds good to me.

Sooooo level 30 boosted raptors and tanys?

Where did you see the up coming tournament is common dinos? Shouldn’t it be “advantage tournament” which allows all dinos plus boost?

The graphic for the tournament shows a graphic that looks like a common…

I wouldnt be to sure this event will go on as announced… this graphic was most likely made long before recent issues have shown ip

tany boosted :joy: velo… allison… boosted apato lol. sounds like fun but ill skip.

If they give me 100 hc to enter this tourney ill be like let me buy 5 boosts with this 100 hc instead.

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where do you get your boosts for 100??

I wish lol wouldnt mind being able to buy 5 for 100.


I need these discount boosts. Or any boosts for that matter. Just give me the boosts.

for real lol. these boosts are to expensive.