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Commons hybrids

As what the title says we should make commons hybrids
Fact 1: you don’t need to fuse to unlock them
Fact 2: unlock them by darting them

I would like to see @moderators reply to this

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Common hybrids don’t make any sense though.


I can’t understand anything about how it works. if its a hybrid, what is it fused from? if we don’t know, how’s it a hybrid? and I’m pretty sure people would start asking that they could be fusable like apex’s so I’d rather not


The note on the bottom will say what it is mixed with

Honestly how would this work?

Hybrids are meant to created not darted so common hybrids won’t ever really work.


So I guess you guys don’t like this idea :sob:

I like the idea

its interesting but I don’t see a way this could work


And it should have two moves if it’s a REAL common

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I guess you could make ultra commons :rofl::rofl:

oh yes that too lol

I mean I like the idea of it but idk how it would work