Commons, rares and epics worth leveling up beyond level 15?

Hi! I have a little question for players familiar with the meta beyond 4000 trophies…

In your opinion, what commons, rares and epics are worth levelling up beyond level 15, without becoming obsolete too fast (i.e. replaced by a legendary)? Which ones are still good at around 4000 trophies?

My question is more about usefulness in battle, and not about usefulness as ingredient.

A little bit of context: I’ve noticed that I tend to bench my rares and epics once I got a better legendary option. But there’s still one rare and one epic on my team, and I hesitate to level them up, because I fear I will bench them soon. I don’t name them here, because I don’t want to influence your answers! - There could be a common, rare or epic creature I’ve neglected up to now, and would like to know if it’s the case!

Commons Tawny, Vraptor (situational), Allosaurs

Rares, anklycodon, suchatator, utahraptor, eionosuchus

Epics trex, stegacera, gorgosuchus, postimet, ive ran into a few leveled up sarcorixis and their ok, i know one guy in like the top 50 was using a level 26 spino gen 2…

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I have a L27 gorgosuchus (and halfway to 28 already) and it is a crusher. Played just right it can wipe out an entire team.

only potential “end game” epics i can think are are trex, stegoceratops and gorgosuchus.
commons… tanycolagreus, v-raptor
rares… i don’t use them, but suck-a-tater and ankylodocon maybe?

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I am at around 4,500 trophies and still use Allosaurus (level 25) and Tanycolagreus (level 22). Also have Gorgosuchus (level 23), which I am planning on maximizing. Was using Stegoceratops (level 21) until yesterday, at which time I managed to unlock Indoraptor and she was benched.

I learned no one is worth except some legendary or uniques isnt worth the dna, coins and time required, if some epic is apex they will nerf for sure, t rex and gorgosuchus are good but since ss nerf is comming the age of tank will be end and they dont do well vs fast dinos whit cunning skills

In my opinion before cleverboy bites my head off. Allosaurus. It can beat an evenly matched stegodeous and because it’s faster than Trykosaurus and trex it does well against them depending on the level and does tend to crit a lot. Tany is also a good common. Rares :frowning: I’ve got suchotator on my team but I kinda hate it :thinking:


I love my 24 Allosaurus, DNA is common and it’s easy to dart, and I just love having a simple chomper on my team., I’d prefer T-Rex at the same level ,but the DNA is needed elsewhere. I was using Einasuchus up until about 4000 points, but the loss of plentiful Einiosaurs stopped me from leveling it further, which is a shame, it was a sledgehammer.

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That doesnt really line up with what Ive seen… last patch they gave a unique the biggest damage nerf in the history of the game and gave dilourano a nerf too… honestly it seems like the only thing they nerf is legendaries and uniques lol.

Tanycolagreus. At a high level, it’s devastating against anything that can’t slow it.

Gorgosuchus. Tank killer, after Ferocious Strike, it’s Defense Shattering Rampage is lethal, especially if it crits.

Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus have their place, high damage + high critical. Same with T Rex.

Once the new update comes and superiority strike allegedly won’t cleanse damage over time, Spinotahraptor will be useful as well.

allo is a’ight. especially now since they spawn on every blade of grass. are you taking your’s to 30? :thinking:
i faced someone with a 26 allosaurus in lockwood, so people use it. my 28 stegodeus destroyed it though :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
and suchotator will be better after the SS nerf. even spinotasuchus isn’t that great now.

The question is at least partially whether you are able or comfortable with the expenditure to take said dinos above average opponent level. Lots of things work well in those groups above lv 20. Now whether you are willing to chase the dragon by trying to keep them 3 levels or so above most other things in terms of coins and hunting time is part of the answer.

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I would also caution all the optimism around the SS nerf and the idea that the nerf would be the only change. All along the way dinos have traded strength in game advantages with moves in the meta for base stats or other things. I would not bank on the idea that some rare with bleeed will be certain to be great post update whether SS cleanses bleed or not. We shall see though.

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Some need to be leveled up to at least 15, some 20 depending on legendary or unique. Kapro and Dimetrodon are examples. I wish I knew about Magnapyriter sooner as I would have saved more Dimetrodon for sure.

bleed something in 3 turns, nullify, superiority strike, instant cripple. all pretty good moves. only thing really holding suck-a-tater back now is SS can cleanse the bleed.

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Well on the end it will be just a few of these since your team will consist of mostly Unique and Legendary dinos. But until you get there you will need some great Commons Rares and Epics and few come to mind:

  • Velo Tany and Allo in commons
  • Suchotator and Einiasuchus in rares
  • T Rex Gorgosuchus Stegoceratops and maybe Postimetrodon in epics

Of course they will be buffed and nerfed so the list will be changing.
This is a good source and every advice here is valuable. Although people tend to be subjective

What I also do is to go to MetaHub where they’ve ranked dinos in Tiers
Also sometimes I go and check top 500 to see which dinos are used. You would be surprised what you can use to be successful even in high arena…if your Dino is leveled enough

To summarize: create your own list of maybe 20-25 dinos which will be your All-Stars team. After you level them high enough they will all be good assets to your present Best 8 team

I feel like nerfs are something JWA players may have a hard time with. Especially those who have already say, created a lvl 25+ stegod. None of these dinos will stay the way they are forever, especially the good/popular ones. I hope there are new balance changes inbound. Ready for the meta to swing back to matches with faster tempo.

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Hmmmmm… Well, my opinion on useful ’
“low rarity tier” dinosaurs.

  • Common: Velociraptor, Tanycolagreus, Ophiacodon, Tarbosaurus, Allosaurus
  • Rare: T. Rex Gen 2, Suchotator, Spinosaurus (if superiority strike will get the nerf), Wuerhosaurus, Diplocaulus Gen 2, Charlie, Delta, Utahraptor, Erlikosaurus Gen 2
  • Epic (non-hybrid) : T. Rex, Pyrroraptor, Blue, Spinosaurus Gen 2, Brachiosaurus, Rajasaurus

If I had coins, I will level up v-raptor (faster dino in the game) and maybe Tarbosauro (40% crits and easilly to level up unlike T-rex for me).

Don’t forget Lytrhonax! It’s an often overlooked common worth considering, it’s so good it was actually nerfed (-HP) last update, but it doesn’t make much difference if you keep levelling it up. If you live in zone 1 and see a lot of them I would definitely recommend over-levelling Lytrhonax. In the right hands it has a lot of utility from grinding down tanks, to outright countering I-Rex with it’s shield (mines destroyed a fair few from the get-go). Having maximal counter attack is great for many reasons, and it’s bulky enough to last a few rounds. Surprise switch-in revenge killings is Lythronax’s forte.