Communication of game changes


Went to get T. rex today and saw that I had used all 6 of my attempts. This is accurate I received 6 attenpts yesterday and as luck would have it I did mix the attempts between pyro and T. rex. I found out by searching the forums that the event had changed and was now a 2 day event. You didn’t give us any extra attempts you just forced us to choose which dinosaur we want more, but that’s not the real problem I have with this whole change. The problem I have is the complete lack of communication about the change. I mostly play this game because my kids do and they enjoy me playing it with them. I work, I don’t have time to go hunting through the forums looking for changes you’ve made. There are 2 mechanisms for communicating in game, a messsage icon and a news icon. I think this qualifies as news, don’t you? I would like an explanation from support why this change wasn’t communicated in game? Very frustrating and poorly executed. Next time you send me a message about tap joy doing double rewards, send me game info instead!