Community boss event completed already?

I am sure this is a glitch, but is this happening to anyone else? I’ve restarted a few times, but mine says it’s complete and I’ve claimed the prize. Maybe I’m not interpreting what I am seeing correctly :sweat_smile:

Help :sweat_smile:

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I have this problem too.

No boss raids and still bosses are messed up. Ugh.

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Okay I thought I was going crazy lol

Not only that but I made good progress this am with my strongest creatures and my progress just reset to 0 :frowning:

Hey everyone, this has been fixed by the team! Please relaunch your game and it should be displaying correctly now.


Oh no that stinks :smiling_face_with_tear:

I also have this problem

Mines fixed now at the restart as advised

I lost progress but I only did one battle before plunging into the tourney so it wasn’t as bad

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That is not necessary a problem: if you have finished plenty of those early (easy) damage missions with Behemoth on its lower levels - you have collected nice amount of DNA already. Now when the boss event is reset, a DNA you’ve won is intact and you can start again with Behemoth on level 1 and make some easy victories/DNA farming…


Thank you guys for the prompt fix!

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So I log on to complete my first run and I get this…

So I can’t get a statue and apparently I can’t get by amber. Why?

Try closing and restarting your game.

It is working fine now except - after I completed 3 challenges it uprated me from Novice to Expert Contributor.

Then just three challenges later it realised this was inaccurate and demoted me back to Novice!

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