Community Design Challenge #8 Winner: Indominus11!

Welcome forum goers, it’s come time again for a new community design contest! During these troubling times of many being stuck at home, I felt like doing another one of these community events was especially applicable to keep ourselves busy. This is not just for those artists of the JWA Artwork thread, all are welcome to participate! This is a special edition contest which is why I hope many will join in :smile:

The theme of this Challenge is:

Jurassic Celebration!

Draw your favorite dinosaur of all time. Jurassic Park became something special, cool, and exciting to many people because it brought these prehistoric creatures to life with characters we have come to love. Dinosaurs fascinate us. They bring out childlike wonder seeing creatures in many shapes and forms, some of great size and some small. So let’s see your favorite, and tell us why it’s special to you!



Draw your Favorite Dinosaur!

It does not have to be in the game
Hybrids not allowed
For this contest, please do not include move sets to your project.
It does not have to be an adult. Babies and juveniles also accepted. You can make a Dino scene if you’d like.
Color is optional
Use any art media you like
Explain what your chosen dinosaur means to you. Why is it your favorite?

Physical and Digital media will have separate winners
No skill, experience, or schooling level is required. This is for everyone!

The deadline for submission is:

Friday March 27th, 7:00 PM EST

To submit validly, PM me a picture of your artwork and your reason why it’s your favorite. Please label your title with “Jurassic Celebration Contest.” That way I can organize them easier :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any questions, let me know here!

And our winner is also a first time participant: @anon42364012 and their Spinosaurus!

Why Spinosaurus is my favorite!

What can I say about this dinosaur? I guess I’m just another Spino fanboy (or girl, whatever). I can’t help liking Spino boy because, for one reason, its appearance is just so unique. It isn’t like any other dino; with its crocodilian face and that beautiful sail on its back. And to mention that it is a piscivore. It was the largest carnivorous dinosaur to have ever roamed the earth, so that is saying something. It displays a symbol of power, which I find very impressive.This particular artwork is a remake of a Spinosaurus which I drew as a kid, which I called ‘BLU SPINO’ (Lol). So it’s just special to me. Oh, and also to annoy my little sis who thinks T-Rex is better, I like to replay that scene from Jp3 (wink):wink:

Hope you guys like it.

Well done to all of our artists who joined in, I’m sure we’ll all agree everyone’s creations were excellent and we thank you for joining in! Here’s all our other entries:

Next up is @Stygimoloch_29 who has a special connection to Irritator!

Why Irritator is my favorite!

Irritator (Irritator Challengeri) is my favorite dinosaur. One of the reasons I love him is because of the fact that he lived in the country where I live and because I love carnivorous dinosaurs [especially those that lived in water and eat fish]. I saw him for the first time in “Jurassic World The Game” and I fell in love the moment I saw him, although in “Jurassic World Alive” he is not very good [the generation 2 is bad too],but i love him just the same!

He means a lot to me, not only because he represents my country but also because of the meaning of his name (Irritator = Irritated) … which makes me laugh, because it makes him look like he’s always irritated and thus improves my joy and mood …

Then we’ve got @Dimodactylus who’s favorite happens to be Acrocanthosaurus! His Acro in particular is named Ansel

Why Acrocanthosaurus is my favorite!

Acrocanthosaurus is my favorite dino due the way it looks. The spine is mostly what got me interested in this dino and why it evolved that way.

Followed by @Leegsma22 who’s favorite is Brachiosaurus, and very artistic Brachio’s at that!

Why Brachiosaurus is my favorite!

As you can see my favorite dinosaur is brachiosaurus. It is the first dinosaur I knew, and that scene in the first jurassic park film where Alan Grand discovers the brachiosaurus is just amazing.
I wanted to do something strange so I made a brachiosaurus band ( with blue as trumpet-guy, a brachiosaurus can’t play trumpet, its neck’s too long). I also love music, and because this is a challenge about what you like, I made them make music.:slightly_smiling_face:

In case you wonder what they’re playing:
-The drummer’s drumming 7- nations army
-The pianist’s playing pianoman
-Blue’s playing the jurassic park theme song
-And the singer sings don’t worry, be happy
All at the same time…

Then we have @Isaah_Wii who’s favorite is the classic, Tyrannosaurus rex!

Why T. rex is my favorite!

As cliche as It is, T-Rex is my favorite dino of all time. No dino earns this much fascination from me as this one. The thicc, muscular body, the wide head, the powerful bone chushing bite, the great senses, the tiny arms(lol). Even If at first It was by the influence of the ferocious beast from the movies, the more scientific facts i learned about dinosaurs, the more i loved It. To me, it’ll always be the Queen :sunglasses:

Next up is @Thylo_75 who’s favorite has two thumbs up, Iguanodon!

Why Iguanodon is my favorite!

Dinosaur from Disney saw it loved the species since also of course walking with dinosaurs

Our last votable entry is @Slogokok34, who’s got a fast favorite, Velociraptor!

Why Velociraptor is my favorite!

Velociraptor mongolensis
When I first saw this dinosaur I was actually surprised because at the time I only thought they were giants, and to see a small one being deadly really took me by surprise
I have always related Velociraptor with cheetahs because of how they described this speed
60 miles per hour, 80 when hunting
If a cheetah reaches such a fast speed in 3 seconds, just imagine how fast a Velociraptor would have sprinted when hunting
Also, I already knew that they were feathered because of a documentary series called “Dinosaur planet”, they showed this magnificent predator fully feathered and it has been only recently that I noticed that a raptor with feathers not only looks like a 6ft turkey, but also badass at the same time

Lastly is my own, though it will not be votable. My favorite is Giganotosaurus!

Why Giganotosaurus is my favorite!

When I was pretty young, my grandmother would record Dino documentaries for me on VHS when I’d stay with them. They always fascinated me a great deal. One day she had taped Walking With Dinosaurs: Land of Giants, and I was awestruck that there was not only a carnivore larger than the Rex, but one that was built to hunt the largest creatures ever to live? I know it’s size gets exaggerated here and there now, but the sleek looks and true capabilities of such an apex predator… I’ll always be magnetized to it in any dinosaur media ever since :sunglasses:

So who had your favorite artwork in the bunch? It’ll definitely take some deliberation to pick just one, everyone did so well! Thank you to all of our artists who submitted, we know how hard you worked on your creation, and value them as such :smile: Great job everyone!!

  • Indominus11’s Spinosaurus
  • Stygimoloch_29’s Irritator
  • Dimodactylus’s Acrocanthosaurus
  • Leegsma22’s Brachiosaurus
  • Isaah_Wii’s Tyrannosaurus
  • Thylo_75’s Iguanodon
  • Slogokok34’s Velociraptor

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Thanks again to all of our artists! :grinning: :clap:

If you’d all like another one let me know, and I’ll put together a non-Dino favorite prehistoric animal challenge.


something to distract myself from the quarantine


Time to draw my favorite high spined lizard


Hahah welp sir I already have something prepared

Since my two favs IRl are iguanodon and Rex I decided to show this I made this months back

Sorry for the lighting it early over here and cloudy but I did an almost sciencificly accurate IGUANODON

With the colors form walking with dinosaurs American version

(Might take a better picture later and maybe do the background but I’m not good with those)


Looks great! Just remember to PM me directly your submission choice so I can organize it and get it counted for the Poll :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh ok oops

Not a problem mate :+1:

Looking forward to your project!

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oh look
a Dakotadon

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Lol technically yes but actually no mate

Well I mean it’s debatable; although I’m happy I didn’t shrink wrap it too much

So Dinosaur means no pterosaurs or pseudo-crocs (kapro, posto, prestosuchus) allowed right?


Good question. For this specific contest yes dinosaurs only.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll extend a future contest to include all prehistoric creatures excluding dinosaurs. So cenozoics, pterosaurs, aquatics, etc.


This means I can 't do my Mosa :pleading_face:

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Our next challenge will give all the other prehistoric creatures their share of limelight :+1:

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It’s about time Spiny boy got some love🙂

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Also is it necessary to provide proof that the artwork is legit, like maybe the rough sketch or maybe colouring in process??

We haven’t really had any cases of fraudulent work before, but there are some who have included WIP’s with their submissions just because they enjoyed what they were working on.

Thats why I like to gather the submissions in my private messages here so that there’s no temptation of duplication.

A personal signature would suffice I think if you’re worried about anything :+1:


Ok thanks :smile:

Dakotaraptor time.