Community events lately

Is it just me or do most of the community events not get complete by a large margin?
Last year or so give or take i felt like they were getting completely pretty routinely but I could be wrong. It’s hard for me to say for sure as I don’t really play much right now but still log in on occasion just to keep things rolling a bit and when I do it just seems like there is always a community event that never comes close to getting complete.

Is it simply less people playing? Did they move the goal posts of these events too far and make the more difficult, what’s going on?


Except the last two were completed in about an hour. The goal needs to be both achievable and one that will take a little while to achieve so that everyone has an opportunity to participate


Yes, whenever we have a hatching or evolving one they set the goal way too high, and the one for DNA spend last week only got to about 1/3 of the goal total. But the opposite happened with the spend coin and food ones this week. I didn’t even get the chance to see them, they were over before I got back from work.


I mean, yeah these two were ridiculous.

I think just these two were set wayyyy too high. I also think that more player’s are taking a hiatus from this game, causing the challenges to have smaller completion goals.

:woman_shrugging: nothing we can really do unless Ludia hands us out the community prize.