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Community Events Need To Introduce Something New - “Alert” Event Idea


So Ludia has now had 2 community events. Yes, we can count this one already since it’s pretty clear nobody cares enough to go out of their way to spin more drops than usual for a low amount of bucks.

Spinning drops is already something we do daily and trying to push it as an event simply doesn’t work. Spinning drops isn’t a fun part of the game. It’s just something you have to do to get resources.

Ludia needs to come up with new ways of having “fun” in the game for future community events, especially if they want the entire community to come together. My suggestion would be create something entirely new. My idea is called Alerts and will both aid you in gathering DNA and be a new thing to chase. And it wouldn’t simply be “DPG Members, we need you to dart more dinos” which is literally just “DPG members, play the game more!” and that’s not a good way to make people excited for a community event.

Red flashing circles would appear on the map which you can press and an alert will show up.
Examples could be -
“A herd of herbivores are causing trouble”
“A group of dangerous creatures are causing chaos!”
“A flock of flyers are attacking the local wild life!”
“Get in there and help stop the situation!” by darting so much DNA they fall asleep or calm down(I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: )

We all know how hunting for certain DNA works and while we’re out hunting for something we usually don’t stop to dart things we see a lot anyways. I for one do not stop to dart Apato or Allos anymore, unless 2 spawn near me. Then I go “might as well”

These alerts could be a good way of introducing a way of finding several of one creature in one convenient spot. A circle appears on the map and inside 3 groups of creatures will pop up as you enter. 5 commons, 3 rares, or 1 epic.
So 5 commons, pop up, once darted, 3 rares pop up, and then an epic in the end. All random but within a theme. Herbivores, carnivores, and flyers.
This way you would have to dart the first 2 groups to see which epic you’ll be able to get, so people wouldn’t just go “nah, that’s a poopy epic.” And in all honestly, having any epic handed to you for free without having to search far and wide is always nice.
There could even be very rare “Hybrids have escaped the lab! Help retrieve them!” alerts where rare hybrids, an epic hybrid, and a legendary(or maybe cut this one out?) would be the things to dart. Only appearing after you’ve completed like 10 alerts before it or even more for the sake of balance.

While it’s still simply another event where creatures have to be darted, it still introduces a new way of chasing them down, plus you know there will be more than 1 creature to dart, and the implementation wouldn’t require Ludia to reinvent the wheel, in terms of coding.
I would chase every single one of these alerts down if it was a reality.

As a community event this could all amount to how many situations the community was able to calm down. And a realistic amount of them, please Ludia. Nobody would be able to clear 20 million alerts :smile:

Anyways, that’s my idea. It’s very basic at heart but could be expanded upon. Ludia could even go out of their way and make the alert gameplay be something new entirely, just like in Jurassic World The Game where you have those “new” containment mini games, while still awarding DNA for the creatures you’ve calmed down.

Any feedback is very welcome.


Now that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. THAT SOUNDS FUN!!!

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No offense but saving heards of Dino’s and returning them to the lab etc … Implies we are the good guys.

In reality we are the bad guys.

We shoot “darts” into the Dino’s with enough force to collect dna through the nodasaurus shell
(No wonder the little diplocauluses run so fast they are getting blown apart… That’s why we get so much dna from them… )

The larger ones we make stampede into building with no regard to civilians… I shoot in New York by my account it should look like a war zone… Trump towers you mean trump foundations.

And we use this dna to make horrible monsterous half herbavourious half carnivourus thing (gee Rodger what would happen if we mixed raptor and sinoceratops… I dunno Steve haven’t you heard that song from lover boy)

And why do we imitate wu and make killing machines?

To fight them in under ground cage matches!

We are so totally the bad guys.

I was thinking mabey we should have "raid the labratory event… But now that I think about it…

I’m not so sure that the "strike tower " isn’t just a zoo or government control facility that we are poaching in.

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We’re totally the good guys. Just look at those kind messages Ludia sends out to their “Dear DPG members”.
Do bad guys send such messages to their members XD

Anyways this has nothing to do with good or bad. I want gameplay features, not lore :wink:


Perfect response right here :point_up::point_up:


Yes the do but only if they are British or Canadian.

I’m sorry my dino flattened your school eh.


Voldemort start with welcome my friends


I really like your idea. It would be a much better way of having a community event.


This sounds a lot better than the current events!


I love the idea I THINK IT SOUNDS FUN!!! Lol