Community Events

Ages ago we had a community event. I don’t recall all do the details but it was spin X amount of supply drops and fire X amount of darts as a community. Then there were reward tiers collectively as a community. All members all alliances everyone worked as a team.

Can we have this again? We had it that one time and I guess it was a bust or non profitable so we never had another one.

It would be nice if we had more to focus on instead of constantly battling. Hunting and exploring would be fun.

Community goal dart X amount of dna from X creature. Located in zone X etc.

Community goal fire X amount of darts.

Community goal spin X amount do supply drops.

Community goal complete X amount of battles.

Community goal fuse X amount of X dna.

Etc etc etc.

This would be a very welcoming change from raids and tournaments and the dreadful arena.

This would boost activity in alliances where they are unable to achieve 10/10 as well as make get bored players involved.

Can we try and do something like this instead of new creatures and new moves and abilities and confusion? Frustrated players with meta changing and nerf this and buff this. Let’s just get something fun that’s only competitive to ourselves.

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Something a kind to how the big boss raids are handled in Jurassic World the Game would be nice where the community fights them across the globe and rewards are based upon how well everyone does. I’d like to see that for Raids.


Great suggestion. That’s something else that could be added.

I think what happened was Ludia was Ludia… the promised top prize for the community was originally a premium incubator. But was changed at the last minute because it would “unbalance” the arena… pretty much killed most player excitement when it was already at a low point for the time. Add to that we as a community didn’t even get close to the top prize so there is that. Plus this was also around the same time we had the original alliance battle but it took place on ladder. And the winners dropped to farm lower arenas for a weekend then wrote a post about how bad it was for a game that they were allowed to do so.

I’m all for more kind of events like this but I think Ludia won’t be… if Ludia were to set actual obtainable goals it be easy to see just how small of a playerbase this game has. I imagine it could even scare off some sales as it won’t exactly show a thriving player base.

The flip side of course is while pogo is constantly adding new actual content (heck even the new daily adventure incense is pretty awesome haven’t had that much fun hunting in an ar game since pre 1.15 jwa) and events. Here we get something new to fip and maybe a new raid boss to fight on repeat for months on end.

This game needs something new to do whether it be an overhaul to hunting and spawns or something completely new. Cause fiping is not engaging gameplay.


Oh my gosh, I remember something like that! :grin: It was indeed a long time ago but I really like the idea of having more community events. @Phil


Yeah its been a while. It was a neat idea. Maybe you can remind the team about it and see what their feedback is. It would be nice to have a switch up on the game.

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