Community Managers: Please use NEW THREADS FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS!


I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for the majority of players based on the many comments I see about this all over the forum.

Please post all new events and announcements as a new thread every single time so there is a correct date and time and the content hasn’t been edited except for grammar or spelling. If the event rules change OR it’s a new occurrence, please again use a new thread.

When you use an old thread:
-The date and time isn’t correct, it’s from an old thread
-We are not notified of a new post
-You have edited the original post and we can’t compare changes using the new post
-The comments are confusing to read because many of those comments will apply to event details that have changed and no longer apply. This disseminates incorrect information about events
-The length of the thread is unmanageable


Thank you. So often any “news” I click on the forum starts off having been posted a month ago and hidden.


YES, I love the game but Ludia I have never seen a company struggle like this to announce changes competently and clearly.