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What are the best ways to get loyalty points no vip

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Sign up for VIP


*no vip because some people can’t get it I make LP just fine

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Suggest things for level 15-40 that’s the best to start getting them

Try no money I’m ok with money but I’m trying to help newer players who need help in the game

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Example sell a decoration like Hammond statues any work but Hammond give at minimum 240 I could be wrong but haven’t got lower

Grind PvP as long as your second spin works. I got a ton that way before my ads became flaky.

Now, I’m lucky if I can do 2 ads for the lotto, 3 ads for extra 6hr card packs and 4-8 hatchery/evolve speed up ads in a day between two different ipads. (No, I don’t reset my ad id anymore. Tapjoy will ban you from the DB offer wall if you do that all of the time. They unbanned me once and said don’t do that anymore. Every now and than big/good offers for donations and such come along.)


Save,dont spend, sell dinos to get LP, and wait…

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I would suggest using the videos to get free PVP battles as there is a chance to get packs from the spin wheel. Next, in tournaments try to get into the higher leagues as super rare and legendary packs give more than common or mystery packs. Also try to complete as many events as possible as they give packs as rewards. Doing daily objectives as well gives mystery packs which helps

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Okay, let’s walk you through this, assuming you’re level ~40.


  • unlock event up to super rare, which is 325 LP
  • Battle For Survival food pack which is 65 LP (or maybe it was 130 i dont remember)


  • Fight For Funds DinoBucks pack, 65 LP


  • Stakeholder’s Visit, which at level 40 I’m pretty sure is 500 LP? Something like that


  • Aquatic unlock event, 325 LP pack


  • Fight For Fusion, 65 LP


  • Mod event, Silver Rewards pack 325 LP


  • Silver Rewards Pack event, 325 LP
  • Tournament pack, I assume you can hit Predator, 1300 LP
  • Mighty Money, Coins pack, 65 LP

Add them all up, add in the 4 mystery packs you open each day at 15 LP each, add in occasional packs you get from events, ~200, you get 3425 LP per week. At that pace, you grab a 10k Solid Gold Pack for guaranteed VIP every 3 weeks. You want faster? Level up to 50 for Trade Harbor and dump an Apatosaurus Fossil for LP in custom trades every day, +300 LP per day. Level up to 1500 LP Stakeholder’s Visit, that’s 1000 more LP per week. Level to 45 for Golden Rewards packs and 55 for legendary unlock events, that upgrades 325 LP packs to 650. I’m level 63 and if I wanted to I can basically get a VIP pack every week and a half, except I keep trading away LP for DB so I don’t actually do that

Edit: I forgot to add in Daily Missions packs lol, that’s another 95 per day.


Nice suggestion

So my slightly less sarcastic response is to play the game, as @Raptor43577 has stated above if you do all of the daily events as well as complete all of the daily missions you will have a constant influx of LP. Add on top of that PvP and tournament grinding and you have a factory of resources coming in.

Of course if you do sign up for VIP you have just doubled your LP intake instantly which no amount of grinding can overcome since the person doing the same grinding is always getting twice as much.


An option is to use some DBs for LPs. It really just depends on how you value your resources and what you plan to do with them.

As non VIP LPs are pretty much the most valuable resource for me right now. They are my only way to get VIP creatures which are super useful early in any account the whole way through till you start to reach late game.

DBs are great, but they really only. help me speed up hatching and trade harbor refreshes. Other than that I don’t get a whole lot of use out of them and I don’t mind waiting for a few long hatches at this point in my game.

With that being said, once you get coin production to support trading decorations at the trade harbor you can typically maintain a fairly steady influx of db’s anywhere from a few hundred per day up to a few thousand per day. Lately on all 3 of our accounts i have been doing my 1 custom trade as AF to LPs, then i spend 250 dbs for a 2nd custom trade and again do AF for LPs. Doing this you get on average probably 580 LPs per day. Combine that with events, and then other LP trades you might get from the trade harbor and you can get a 10k pack typically in less than a week. For me i feel like it can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on how good the trade harbor is to me.

If i have 2500 or more DBs sometimes I will spend the extra 950 dbs or whatever it is to get the extra spin for the stake holders event. I have landed on 1500 LPs doing this several times.

For me it all seems worth it for the VIP creatures at my games current state.

It’s funny, early on everyone including myself just wants jurassic VIPs from 10k packs. But now that I am further along in the game I am wanting more ceno’s and aquatics. There are so many good jurassic dinos that building a good team is pretty easy. Ceno and aquatic hybrids are few and far between and I am starting to find the VIP ceno and aquatics to be way more valuable than the Jurassics.


Ceno PvP is a gold mine for LP, aquatic PvP is also good but I’ve seen lower lp rewards on that wheel.

Non vips custom trade 1 legendary per day for lp gained from PvP grinding. If no copies of legendaries then trade an AF for LP it usually nets around 300lp give or take.

I’ve done a few custom legendary dino trades for LPs and it has always netted me less than I get with AFs

Might be more dependent on the dino, can’t remember which ones in particular I have traded. Either way, it has happened enough I don’t do it anymore.

I think it’s better to go for the higher costing legendaries, trex I’ve got for CT of 600 lp before, but it varies.

Unay was one of the worst I got 260 lp for that.

Aquatics seem to be pretty high also so I’m judging it has something to do with dna cost.

Chanya goes crazy for the legendary aquatics. It’s good to keep those in your inventory sometimes and she will offer you anywhere from 1500-3000 lps for them sometimes as random trade.

Another thing to do for non VIPs looking to score some LPs is if you have a good surplus of DNA is you can keep one of the few tournament dinos in your inventory that Chanya likes and it isn’t uncommon for her to offer you decent LPs for them. So basically spending around 7k DNA for a dino, then trading it for again 1500-3k LPs

I should probably start doing this myself, I always forget. Perhaps I’ll go buy a Yutyrannis right now and keep it and see how long it takes her to offer up some LPs and how much.


I do a similar thing but for bucks instead :joy:

Your right though I’ve been offered crazy amounts of LP for tourneys in my market, shes offered near 3k LP for a megatherium before so I reckon you should test it out with the sloth and see how much extra LP you can make.


I bought a styxosaurus, thinking that might b the best bang for your buck. My th refreshes r due in 2hr so we will see if Chanya takes the bait.

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Refreshes up soon, hopefully I get an LP offer but in the mean time. Not worth it in my book

Edit, got every offer from Chanya probably twice except the lps. Chewed up probably half my trade offers and didn’t get any deco for Db trades. Already seeming like its not worth it.