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How much does he cost in the market? I’d say that’s a good DB offer

4800 DNA non discount.

I’ve received many more trade offers for it for DBs but I think this was the highest so far.

No LP trade offers yet.

Probably not a bad trade if you are swimming in DNA. I am not :stuck_out_tongue:

More on saving up LPs though. So just yesterday through my trade refreshes and 2 custom trades I got 1500 LPs. It isn’t uncommon to get DNA for LP or Food for LP trades that are pretty decent.


Hows your cenos sub? I generated over 2k LP in 4 days from that, usually I can generate more though


Are you talking about doing ceno PvP? I have a lot but don’t have them lvled up much. Either way I don’t really like doing battles so grinding just about anything is not my cup of tea but certainly an option for others.

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Went all day and through todays TH refreshes and still did not get an offer of LPs for the Styxosaurus. Just having that one creature in my market was chewing up 2-4 trade offers at a time and my DB offers have been non existent for almost 2 days now.

I had enough and couldn’t keep it in my inventory any longer so i custom traded it for LPs out of curiosity. To my surprise Chanya gave me 808 LPs for it which was a good bit more than I expected.

Perhaps after I stock up on some more DB’s I’ll try again with a different creature and probably regret it again :stuck_out_tongue:


This is why I almost always take the first trade I get for any creature that’s in my market as long as it’s not coins.


If your getting DB offers for styxosaur and not taking them then that will decrease your chances of an AF to DB trade from appearing, I think getting offered lp for a creature is rarer than getting offered DB at least in my experience anyway

I feel like I haven’t had a random decoration for LP trade in forever did game do away with those?

I’m not sure if they even exist, never seen one before

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perhaps it’s my imagination?

Maybe, imagination is a wonderful but misleading thing

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I can’t say I remember ever getting one. Might be your mind playing tricks on you from all of the LP to decorations CD offers up, making you think you must have seen the reverse.

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