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Community Request Hybrid: Tryhor

Requests are coming in!
This request was for Trykosaurus + Thoraldosaur.

This request didn’t quite work for a couple of reasons

  • I haven’t unlocked either of these dinosaurs
  • Both of these dinosaurs are Unique, and Kami tier hasn’t been created yet
  • This hybrid would look waaaaay to cool for my style

So I’m switching out Tryko back for a Tryo, and I’m hybridising it with Thor, God of Thunder.

@Carnoraptor.troodon I know this isn’t what you requested, but I hope you like it.

P.S. To the community, I am more than happy to have a go at requests, but this is probably how they will be interpreted!


never mind it still looks really cool

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Aw no cape for Þór?

I’m fine with these interpretations myself lol

What about Marsupial Lion+Stegosaurus? That would look hilarious

Lol! I like your creativity.

Actually, Tryostronix is only a legendary. I think what you meant to say is both of them are superhybrids. Anyways, on to my thoughts about the hybrid. Excellent job as usual. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Close, the request was for Trykosaurus, I switched in Tryostronix because it was legendary.
I’m not sure what tier Thor is though?

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Boa plus Ardentismaxima