Community Service Idea! (Help break someones losing streak)

Okay so I have been doing this for a few weeks now and thought I would post this and see if anyone else wants to take up the cause!

Now no doubt we have ALL been in the situation where we just need that ONE WIN to get our last incubator, or if we know a big one is coming and just want to have it cooking overnight or while at work!
But then you get into a losing streak and end up giving up…or are given a 15m incubator (even worse imo).

Well for my idea:
Each day I go into my list of dinosaurs and I swap out all my good members of my team (ALL 8 of them), and put in the lowest level Dinos that I have (unfortunately my lowest is 8 or 9, no level 1s anymore) and then I go into the arena and let 3 players beat me. I do actually fight back so it seems like a legit fight (ive even lost matches where I somehow managed to kill 2 of their Dinos lol) and so that it doesn’t take too long.
Then after the matches I go into my recent opponents list and confirm they were indeed players and not bots.

There you go! Id like to hope those players benefited from those wins :wink:

Now I don’t expect those who are trying to climb the ladders or win the tournament to do this, but if there are players like me who don’t care about rank, want to have some fun or laughs imagining the reactions of the player you are facing when they see a level 3 or something come out to battle their Indoraptor LOL…or heck just would like to help someone out!

If many members of the community did this every day (as many or as little loses are you would like - doesn’t have to be 3, thats just what I do since I don’t have the time to do more!) im sure we together could end these 10-12 match losing streaks!

Anyway just a suggestion!


It’s funny. Before I came on the forums and read this, I went up against somebody who apparently was doing this. Mainly birds, highest on their team was 9, lowest was 1. I’d assume they were doing this community service. I easily took him out with my Stegodeus, Junior.

What was my reward? A 15 minute incubator. :rofl:

I think on my next win streak I’ll do this. But as of now, I’m helping everybody out by being on a losing streak.

Very kind suggestion.


My only words of wisdom would be not to think about it in terms of losing. Think winner! Enjoy your victories, and pay no heed to the ones you don’t get. “Meh”

Because the truth is there are no winners against RNG anyway. You will be a winner wherever you get to, and if you get knocked back be happy that you’ll soon climb right back up there again with the right dinos and strategies. You will be winning when you progress, and one things for sure you will! So just have fun!

P. S. Don’t think putting money into the game will change a thing, you’ll be in exactly the same place but a little further up the pole.


Yep your point about not putting in money is spot on, you will just, as you said, be a little higher ranked, but then will reach a point where you are losing again.

Also spending money is only shortening the life span of the game for you!

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They’re gonna think you’re an arena dropper, but shouldn’t mind that at all.

I like your idea, though, I think a lot of us get carried away with our competitiveness.



The other night I was in a losing streak when I came across someone called ILetYouWin (or something like that) whose teams were like level 6 Iguanadon. At first I thought they might have forgotten to switch out their team after friendly battle (I did that twice this week and got stuck with a low level Ankyntrosaurus as a team member during a battle) and it wasn’t until the match was over that I realized it was intentional on their part. I checked their lineup this morning and it was back to normal. I thought it was super nice of them to do that, definitely made my night better :slight_smile:


Which is why I am suggesting this idea for the community :slight_smile:️, that win you give someone may just be the one to break their losing streak!

But make sure to check their name after to confirm it wasn’t a bot.

As for being an arena dropper meh, I play for fun not ranks (for the time being) so don’t care about ranks, but I stay in Sorna marshes coz that’s where my Dino team and skill level should be right now!


Well, although I wasn’t exactly planning on it I just managed to lose 3 in a row and hope this made the opponents happy. At least something good came out if it then.


What an excellent idea!

I am just saying that so that the other people would join and I would climb up :stuck_out_tongue:


Anytime I lose I do it on purpose :wink: … not because I was outplayed (well, that’ll be my excuse anyway)!

Seriously, I just lost a few, but maybe this broke someone else’s losing streak and is not a bad way to look at it. My loss, their gain.


Yep exactly right about their gain, providing it wasn’t a bot…in which case that just sucks >.<!

@Leonardo_Kelava: I literally laughed out loud reading your post LOL, I can see people cheering for my suggestion and secretly rubbing their palms together and saying “TODAY I REACH THE TOP!” hahah!

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When I got my legendary long neck dino, I finally could put together a team of 8 long necks and played them for a while. I got lucky and had all my highest long necks drawn and actually beat someone after losing several times. I was only working for the defeat 10 dinos so I didn’t care if I lost so long as I took one or two out. :expressionless:

Long neck battles are very long because they have so many hit points. Then I switched to an all raptor/ground bird team and the battles went fast and I lost fast. :laughing:

Of course after loosing several times in a row, I bring by normal team back and go on a win streak. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do this every now and again because I’m that kind of person. And I don’t really care about ranks or trophies since I seem to be stuck in Badlands.

Just switch out my team to some lower levels, then MuldoonLives hands out some trophies and incubators.

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I love this idea! I’ve been doing it, for a few reasons:
Allows me to try new Dinos
Takes me back to a lower arena
Helps me learn other Dinos I’ll comprte against once I get back to the higher level

I like to use Dinos at just below the level I’m playing against, or all of one type (that all flying team mentioned above is one thing I do,) and try to beat the other team. Of course I fail miserably most of the time, and that’s what helps take me down without feeling like I’m just throwing away my battle time.

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Yeah there are soooo many dinosaurs in the game that I had never used, like Nodosaur as Ive pretty much just been harvesting its organs since I got it hahaha! And Pyroraptor and other ones!
Good way to learn all the moves in the game other then the normal Meta ones you see in the arena and your team!

For this reason I like when someone brings out a non-Meta common/rare or epic in a battle, and you would be surprised how well some of them perform O_O!

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you lot rock

i’m a casual player, mostly because dinos and drops i don’t get a lot of time to hunt for, and i can struggle in battles for it

how do i know when an opponent is a bot?

Take note of their name after the match and look in your recent opponent list. If they aren’t there it was a bot.

Also bots tend to do dumb things like spamming base attacks and wait till the timer gets to zero befor using an attack.

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Are there still bots? I don’t think I have fought one in awhile

I still get them from time to time but not as much as I used to.

Thank you!

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