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Community superhybrid challenge

This challenge is about who can create the most OP superhybrid!
You will have until 3.30am EST to submit your dino. Voting starts at 3:45am EST and ends at 3pm EST


  1. Both components must already be in the game
  2. All stats must NOT go above both parent’s stats
  3. You are allowed one trump move
  4. You are allowed 1 trump passive
  5. Have fun!

( P.S I’m gonna wait for the 1.14 patch notes before I submit my answer, that is, if it is coming out today.)

How about make procerathomimus counter ?? A superhybrid from kelenken + Ankylodon. Any suggestion for his move ?

Procera + carbo
HP 3600
DMG 1500
Speed 131
Armor 50
Crit 0
Superior vulnerability
Distracting devastation
Dig in
Evassive stance
Nullyfing counter (0x damage)


Kelencodon (kelenken+ankylocodon) (epic)
Hp 3900
DMG 1230
Speed 131
Armor 25 %
Crit 20%
Vulnerability strike
Declarating impact
Raking claws
Short defense
Swap in dodge

This is one pretty broken.

Pteradominus Rex = Indominus Rex + Pteranodon
HP: 4500
DMG: 1600
Speed: 127
Crit: 20

Defense Shattering Strike
Nullifying Impact
Impact and Run

Swap-in Ferocity
Armour Piercing Counter Attack


  • Persistant Ferocious Strike

  • Mutual Fury

  • Definite Rampage

  • Ferocious Impact

  • Immune to Stuns

  • Immune to DoT

  • On Escape Heal

  • 4500 HP

  • 1450 Attack

  • 123 Speed

  • 5% Critical

  • 20% Armor

Read it and weep :smiling_imp:
MF->FI(2.5X)->DR(3X)->PFS(2X)->Rinse and Repeat. Roundhouse of Rampages lol

(Hope it meets the set rules)


Is it bad that I want Postosuchus to have another hybrid? It’s so deadly, I want it to have another chance at getting a crazy cool hybrid line.

Hey, question. What if one creature has a higher HP than the other creature? What HP can the hybrid have?


Keratocodon (Unique) (Ophiacodon + Keratoporcus)

HP: 4400
Armor: 20%
Critical: 40%

Definite Decelerating (x1) (Remove target’s cloak and evasion.Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor. Target’s speed os reduced by 50% for 1 turn)

Lethal Wound (x1) (DoT 33.4%) (3 turns)

Definite Rampage (x2) (Remove target’s cloak,evasion, and shields. Bypass Armor)

Mutual Fury (+50% Dmg)

{Immunity} {100%}

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Yes. It abides with the rules so it can be entered in the vote

The damage could’ve been 1400. But you can’t edit it.

Oops, too little too late. Now that Definite Rampage has a 2 turn cooldown, it ain’t so broken anymore.

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Ludia is ruining my contest lol

Indominus rex + Carbonemys

4500 HP
1600 DMG
20 crit
60 armor
107 Speed

Superior vulnerability
Armor piercing Devastation (bypass armor no cooldown or delay)

On escape Devastation

Dunno… I think I win this matchup.

Cloak => Nullifying Impact

If you use FI or PFS you take 1600 AP… Then I win.

If you use MF, unless you crit with Definite I win.


Lethal wound is useless vs me.

DSS (1600) => Definite Decel (1400/1750) You take… 1600 (counter).
DSS (1600) => Dead

DSS (1600) => MF… 1600
NI (2160) => DR (2800/3500)
DSS (1600) => Dead

Nullifying strike
Distracting Rampage
Defense shattering rampage
Evasive stance

Oooh… this one is hard…

SD (1230), 800 Counter => DSS (1600)
Raking Claws (2460), 1600 Counter => NI (2400)

Decell Impact (1845), 1600 Counter => DSS (1600)

So… Decell + Raking = 4305. Not happening without a crit. So… 64% chance of winning for me :slight_smile:

SD + Raking… Double crit required 4%.

I think I can go Nullify move 1.

If Decell + Raking, I’ll be doing 1600 + 1800 (3400). So i’d need a double-crit 4% to one shot (Counter + NI)… so 4% for me + 64 * 0.96… 65.44% win to me.

Not sure what to make of this one… I mean… you’ve clearly just made up two broken moves.

I guess I have 3 turns to kill you right? There’s a cloak in there somewhere… so you’re taking at least one counter (1600)…

If you cloak turn 1… I will DSS (for less damage)
NI for … 960… 1600 counter (2560 overall)… then Cloak (75%) win chance.

If SV (1600 Counter)… I will still DSS (1600)… 3200…
DSS vs Cloak (at least 533 damage)… then Nullify… GG

I win outside of crits.

But Cloak activated on the next direct damage, so it’d be used on the counter attack. Hm…

Pterodominus V. Entelothanos

P: Cloak
E: FI= 2,900/965
P: Cloaked Counter= 3,200
P: NI= 1,920
E: Dead


P: Cloak
E: DR= 4350
P: NI+Counter= 2,880
P: I&R= 1,920 or DSS= 1,600
E: FI or PFS

So Entelothanos only wins if you chose to swap with Impact&Run. If you do DSS I’m left with 20 HP and set up with speed and Ferocity to kill it and whatever you’ve got next. Any crit on either side seals their respective win. Interesting matchup! Though inevitably ruined by boosts…

Alright alright… I think this one gets me…

Evasive… Rampage… Rampage
Nullify… Rampage… Rampage

I go NI first… 2400…
Against Evasive… Then I&R (I win) (outside crits) 70%… win to me

Nullify First… 2400 + 1600 (36% chance I crit win)… This gets complicated… Actually no it doesn’t. I cloak.

If you Rampage… 75 % + 1600 to you I win. If you Nullify… double crit will get me… (4%)… So… 84% me win.