Community Vote - Confirmation button for pack purchases

I’m sure some of us have purchased a pack accidently (paying in Loyalty Points, Dino Bucks or whatever… I’ve done it a few times.) I’d like to have a community vote for whether Ludia should make a confirmation button for “all pack purchases.”

Please vote Yes or No.

I vote YES.

Let the community decide.

No matter what the overall opinion is, thanks Ludia for listening to our community. For the better good of the game.


Should we have confirmation button for pack purchases?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for making the voting form. Much appreciated!


On iOS there is already a confirmation whether you want to purchase or not.


Really? So, this might be an Android, Fire Tablet issue. Thanks for letting us know.

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For packages bought with real money only? Or also in the trade harbour and packages bought with DBs?


@ [Elin_Ronne]
When I purchase a pack with real money, I always get a confirmation button. The main problem is when accidentally clicking a special pack, such as a “Sold Gold” pack, or any other packs that require DNA, Loyalty Points, Coins or Dino Bucks. It would be wonderful to have a confirmation button to confirm purchases with in-game resources.


I think Ludia should add a random button that takes a small amount of resources with nothing in return other than a message that pops up after that states this: “personal responsibility is a great thing, you just got a chance to learn some”.


Where would that end?
A confirmation for each action that requires bucks?
Cooldowns, speedups, instant hatches, trade harbor and so on?

I do not want to spend a considerable amount of time in the game with confirmations. If I make an unwanted deal for bucks it’s my fault, nothing more.


Yes a confirmation button would be nice for certain things, but like others have said where exactly do they draw the line for it?
Im pretty sure anything with real money already has it.
So is it any purchase with DB’s? Even that would be extreme.
Sure we all accidentally hit something by mistake or out of habit when we arent really thinking. We sell a Dino by mistake, take a horrible trade, spend 100 db to put 2 lvl 10 trikes in the 2nd fusion chamber(me a day or 2 ago, LOL).
But in the end its our own responsibility for our own actions and not Ludia’s fault for how the game is set up.

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I think it’s best to keep it simple for this voting. A confirmation button for pack purchases only. Then, we can check on community feedback for any changes needed in the future. Thanks so much for everyone’s opinions.

Thanks for your votes. I hope Keith can inform Ludia of the results after another week. I respect whatever decision Ludia takes.

If you haven’t voted, please do. We have a great community.

Just remember you have had 38 people vote on this, there are probably more than a few million players, let’s just say there are only 1 million.

So your survey got feedback from 0.0038% of the community at large and there should be no changes based on that level of information. Just trying to put into context surveys on the forum and how we should not be expecting changes to be made based on them.

They are great for information gathering but they are truly a very very small subset of the community.


Same with dinos in the market, especially hybrids.

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Yes, very true. It’s great to get some information from a small number of valuable forum members. I think it’s great that we can discuss issues together. I hope Ludia checks this forum from time to time and they can consider the issues that we discussed further if they desire to.

Thanks Sionsith for your valuable input.

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^ this is further exemplified by how the carnivore bias is repeatedly confirmed on any CoT/vote.

Oh how I wish this communities input was a driving factor of development…