Community vote for Creature of the month?

After my rant topic about the new creature of the month ([Creature of the Month] Jurassic World Alive | February 2020) was thrown into the garbage pile. I’ll start this new topic about having the Community select the next creature of the month. Just like we get those select you favorite creatures from the list things on facebook (never had them bug out like the surveys) ; Ludia could give us a list of candidates for next months creature and we could all vote. Sound like a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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Sounds like a good idea. I’d be up for it.

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If they wanted to give us what we wanted we’d never have gotten bary. Nice try though.


I am all for this idea.

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Nice idea.

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They would just give us Majunga and say “that’s what the majority voted for”


If you let them make the poll it wouldn’t serve any purpose. History shows they know best how to make you seem to be steering your own wheel but they have full control on the general traffic flow.

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I vote yes, but there might be a problem.
Ludia MUST do something about how voting happens. Their current method is:

  • unreliable
  • allows multiple votes
  • allows people to screw the entire community thanks to the 2nd point.

I suggest they incorporate a voting function in the game so voting is client-based.


Who voted know? I would just like an explanation as to why you voted no lol

I voted yes but it wouldn’t work in real life. Players won’t vote for fairness, they vote for the one they want that will give them the best hybrid. Something like Baryonyx just won’t get a look in.


Even at that who would spend all day muilt voting for barney-onix?

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This would be a good idea. Daily dino helps keep your players motivated and intrigued. They want to get the daily. You give baryonyx and not many are compelled to complete those tasks and honestly may slowly drift from your game.

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Ludia would.

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I voted no… conspiracy theories aside… no poll results have ever matched up with what most forum users want. Lets take a look at some of the great examples of what polls have brought us so far.

Halloween 2018: dartable spino, gorgo, sucho
Migration Poll 2018: Never had a full rotation.
Scent of claws 2018: featuring raptor squad before they had hybrids.
Halloween 2019: the return of suchotator
1.11-1.12 balance poll: Lol

I probably missed some but regardless all changing to a poll would do is change these bary posts to people accusing Ludia of rigging the results cause noone in their alliance voted for trex over titanboa.

Alot of these casual players dont even get their rewards on a daily basis. Right now 108k players have battle one match this season. Last season ended at 290k players. Meaning 2/3 of the playerbase have yet to do a battle. We wont approach the 200k till atleast monday. If your only getting your daily done 10 or less times a month something like titanboa isnt even useful to youm but rex or sino that will help your team immediately. And you dont play that much so help would be nice.

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to quote star wars after seeing the poll results:

“I love democracy”