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Community what do you consider ludia should do?

The boosts i have no great answer for…they are working on it and answers will come when they come thats it, leave it there…moan once the answers are given…

Tournaments reward ive heard calls for ban calls for rewards to be pulled back etc
Everyone seems to be up in arms and the flaming tourches are well and truly lit,

Consider for one second the implications of removing the rewards…

It doesnt just effect the tournament bug?
If they remove the reward for that then they must remove any and all gains made from exploiting a bug…

So we start with the obvious epic dna darting? Have you ever closed the app to get that second try? Ive read on here hundreds of time people have…so your second darting attempt must be revoked if you’ve ever done it twice that equates to an epic incubator 5k hardcash! done it 4 times in two weeks thats 10k hardcash! the same as 20k hardcash a month! Played for a year? 240k hardcash through explioting a bug would you give back all that extra rare/epic/unique dna?

240k hardcash vs the 30k one person got…

There have been so many bugs and expliots used which is where my confusion comes in…why is this one creating a mob and would the mob give back there dna if ludia clamped down on all bugs that ever existsed…its like the poor apex predators saturday they got lynched for nothing, did anyone apologise to them? I think ive seen one person…

This forum has become more and more about find something/someone to hate than being productive and finding solution, dont get me wrong there are a few who are trying to figure out answers and suggestions but the mob just wants to fight…its madness…

Also i had no bearing in the tournament i played one battle got disconnected, and being ranked in the top 200 in the arena the people that gained hardcash do directly effect me and i still am not bothered…

Lets be positive and move forward…

While I can honestly say I have never force closed the app after a horrible darting experience (even when indarted Indoraptor for 99 forever ruining my fusing numbers) because first of all I know it’s exploiting a game bug and I have very strict morals, and second there is risk the dinosaur despawns and you lose all DNA.

But what is wrong with the tournament exploit is that while force close does give u a slight gain, you doing it didn’t not screw other players out of prizes!


I’ve never closed my app to get a retry on a epic. Im a terrible darter, and what I get is what I get.

Heck, my first attempt at darting an epic was last June on a Trex. I scored an amazing 24! :smiley:

I have never once exploited any glitch/ bug on this game. Not even the unlimited cash coins. I just went and did others things as soon as I found out.

I think most of us are just tired of being let down or lied to by Ludia.

Besides, how can we trust a company that violates its own ToS, and then promotes the behavior?


What they should do for tournament is simply treat the exploiters like spoofers for a couple then run the tournament again when working properly. Ie lock them out for 2 then third tourney run the skills one again and let them back in.

That’s a reasonable option.

One tourney lost (punitive punishment)
One tourney after lost (restorative for the one they took)


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Change the boost HOW they effect the stats.

For speed.

  • ONLY +1 In speed. NOT %
    This means. You can, many, buy 5 speeds for 500 ?

For healt and damage.
Not %. Fixed. Maby 50 for every point. You can buy 4 points for maby 500.

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Way back in August someone told us about the reboot glitch when darting dinos . Myself , my wife and our son were tempted , but we all agreed it wasn’t worth it and didn’t , and haven’t exploited it . After all , who are you trying to kid ? It’s only your conscience that gets affected and we have always felt that strong morals are way better than a short term gain .
So to the tournament . I don’t really care , it’s them who have to live with what they’ve done . Some have used the ill gotten cash to spend on another glitch and exploited that with unlimited boost purchases . So who ends up with an unplayable game ? Not me , the game will find opponents evenly matched with me . They will just fight ai and that won’t add to the longevity of the game . So again , I don’t really care .
Whatever decisions are made , I’m sure the exploiters will still do it again when they get the chance . It’s the difference between having a strong sense of what’s right and fair , and not caring .

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Whilst i like the constructive way everyone is approaching this now, its so difficult for them as if the punish one bug they must punish all if not it becomes a free for all,

And going back an entire year and working out who explioted which bugs happened when and who explioted them is a mammoth task…

Also to note where do you draw the line is it when one person feels personally effected or ten or one hundred,

If say temp ban everyone who ever used the darting expliot + the tourny expliot + season 2 ai expliot + boost expliot your looking at banning 80% of the player base i cant see that being any good for the game not matter how bad some feel it is now…

Redarting thing is not a glitch… its their on purpose so if you disconnect when darting an epic you dont miss out it was intentionally coded that way… this ive gotten confirmation on.

Its also the reason they wont put a despawn timer into the game… so their is a risk/reward scenario when considering redarting a dino.


Its not a glitch i agree but so so many use it as an expliot…you cant take it out because the people who get disconnected will complain you cant leave it in if it can be explioted…its all lose lose if they start punishing every bug ever

Boosts killed the game, no need to hunt now, just unlock an unique dino, then boost it at max, it will be stronger than its higher opponents, thats what is happening now in arena, im thinking about all players who hunt dinos during hours and hours, to max it at lvl30 for finaly meet a lower dino in arena, but stronger and faster, wth is that, please…


I 100% would love for all boosts to be removed from game. Find a way to reimburse people who spent money to buy additional ones. As much as I enjoy my Utasoniraptor who I’ve boosted the game has just lost a lot of the fun it had, at least for me.

As for the last tournament anyone who cheated should be banned. Cheating has to equal ban from game. Ludia has to take a stance on this or else they will lose more and more of their longtime players. I’m sticking in for a bit longer to see how it all turns out but if there aren’t changes i will not be playing for much longer.

The definition of cheating vs explioting bugs is to loose right now, i consider re darting cheating (i actually dont care just an example) so boom 50% of the player base gone, i think everyone has taken this to personally and the same threads happened with swap in defense shattering…weeks of im quitting threads the games broken and will never be the same, but calling for people to be banned personally over a bug seems harsh…like i said imagine banning everyone who ever redarted and yes it does effect everyone massively like i showed you can save hundreds of thousends worth of hardcash by doing it…this is 30k…

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I do not think it’s hard to see the results of this tournament are completely meaningless and worthless and the rewards give an incredible advantage to the people who exploited the bug, especially with the boosts and especially with the free for all buy bug yesterday. So yes, some cheating should be treated different than others. This one specifically. Spoofing as well. I don’t think people should be banned over this one, but I don’t think anyone should be rewarded for it.

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It’s not loose right now - it flat out says exploiting bug is cheating in the TOS. If ludia will not stand by their TOS, why would anyone?

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If it’s too hard to “pull back” the boost purchases, they could “suspend” boost purchases until such time as a normal person could achieve the purchase quantity

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It’s the same thing really. The ones using the darting exploit will get much more DNA than those who don’t. This means getting higher on the leaderboard and better rewards than they would get if they didn’t use the exploit. How is that noe screwing other players out of prizes in the exactly same way?

An extra bit of DNA here and there won’t break the game as fast as exploiting, getting thousands of hard cash in game, spending it all on boosts and one shotting everything.

Both for so of exploits shouldn’t be used.

No body has saved hundreds of thousands of HC with the darting bug. I don’t use the darting bug, what I get is what I get. This just sounds like another cheater justifying his cheating. I don’t want players who exploited this banned but if they are allowed to keep their rewards, the amount of players leaving this game will kill it. No company with this level of incompetence deserves to be in business, honestly.

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But while both forms of exploiting are wrong to do, tournament exploiting is as LEAST 6 wronger hahaha.

If you get that “At least 6 wronger”quote you are awesome!

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Those who use the darting exploit probably do so every weekend during epic attempts. En epic incubator that costs 5000 HC has about 400 DNA, and you will probably get at least so much more every weekend. So as the opening post states, it doesn’t take many weeks to get your 30k worth of HC.

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