Comparing dinoss


Make us able to compare dino’s, it’s really annoying to check each chart for stats

Comparison mode

Just a quick suggestion that he game could really benefit from a comparison view in the dino select screen. Currently it’s very difficult to build a team as comparing dinos takes a long time but maybe having a list view with just stats and abilities would make it so that we can easily change are teams and make battling a lot more interesting


::cough cough::

I have a google sheet with a dino by level break down. Check it out and give feedback.

I am filling in blanks as I Grind. Help me out and add too it.
I am starting a beta sheet that might resolve your question, at least out of game.

Check posting history


Update: I released a comparison sheet. Not ideal but it serves it’s purpose. Jump on in.

Add to the directory, and stack rank your recovered dinos