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Compensation for arena error

Will we get something to compensate this error?

It did not significantly affected players since noone was able to access arena… not like with previous update when iOS players got locked out for about 24 hours giving advantage to android users… and iOS users still did not get compensation…

After Arena ended this Tuesday, I think most of us got back access to it until late Wednesday.

Yes, but noone got advantage… just imagine that this season is 13 days long instead of 14…

There is loss tho. Imagine people getting their duty chests much slower compared to before.

So, everyone got 2-3 chest keys less yesterday…everyone faced the same damage… noone got ahead… what to compensate for? I am saying that android users were able to play for one whole day and get ahead of iOS users and they did not compensate us… compared to this loss of 2-3 chest keys with no advantage to this or that group of players is a trifle…

By that logic, if we both destroy the game of IOS and Android, we will still be fine without any compensation, right?

It’s not about who gets what and who doesn’t. It’s about the basic functioning of a simple game.