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"Compensation" for no strike towers!

Well I emailed support for the charger, rare, and epic strikes not spawning and the response I got… 600 HC?! That’s what they’ll send… That barely covers the gold from the incubators much less the dinosaurs!! Why can’t they just mail the correct incubators instead!?

You are lucky to get anything, I sent an email too and got nothing so far

Nothing so far.


Ya same at least you got something I’m still waiting

That’s just the response I got, they haven’t mailed anything. And I would’ve much rather had the incubators than the HC.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t bother then.

I don’t use boosts on one account and rarely battle in the arena on the other so it would have been useless for me.

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Nothing here as well…

I didn’t even realize we never got a Charger scent or Rare Strike. I definitely noticed the Epic Incubator though. If it’s taken this long, I doubt we’d get anything.

I had to go check just to make sure, but yeah. I haven’t gotten a response either yet!

I got no response yet from email, but I sent an in game support message when rare didn’t show up after epic was a no show.

I only got 100 hc and a rare scent

that was the gift for the update interrupting normal play.

You really complaining about 600 bucks? That’s better than the epic and rare incubator put together

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I have to admit you should be grateful, even though it’s not actually the incs, you still have 600 HC, that’s more than enough for 25 stat boosts, and for the other 100, just use it speed up incs, I guess?

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could also save the HC for coin sales. if they ever do that one again.


At least it’s free stuff. With 600 HC, I currently have 410, that’s 2 boost tiers or 50k coins for me.

I’m complaining about it bc the incubators would have been better, basically they are giving HC enough to cover the coins and that’s it. And 600 HC is not hard to come by!

I understand that your frustrated, however, you should have noticed that many of other players (myself included) are affected by this strike event error. It’s not just you, the rest of us still haven’t gotten anything (so far) so please, be grateful for what you have.

I only got their auto reply. Haven’t got any compensation yet.

You are one of the lucky ones.

I didnt get any compensation, I’m telling you the response I received, so be prepared this is what they’re giving in place of the 3 strikes…