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Compensation for yesterday's server errors


The game was unavailable for 7 hours during yesterday, we couldn’t enter the game. This was a huge disadvantage for us:

  • We missed the coin chase
  • We couldn’t complete the epic strike towers
  • We couldn’t collect epic DNAs
  • On the closing day of the season, we couldn’t fight in either the tournament or PvP

I wonder if we can expect some compensation in return for this huge mistake?


In return for all this 200 hard cash? It amounts to an insult… it’s bad even for a joke.


I just logged in and got 200 for my ‘patience’.

This is nothing compared to what we lost yesterday. Due to the time zones, we didn’t have a server error at night, we could have done the ‘Sunday’ things from Monday morning to afternoon when we couldn’t even log in.

They won’t address any of it specifically. They’ll throw out this 200 and think of it as done. What’s really been done is just further eroding the trust the users had in the game. And one more reason to just leave. They don’t care about us. This nonsense will happen again.


Exclusive DNA is invaluable…

Aside from that, I lost 300 hard cash in the tournament because I couldn’t enter. I was in 3200th place the night before, I couldn’t even enter the next morning by the time I did, it was over and I was 5100th. They already owe me 300 here.

The 25k coins from coin chase… and daily events… I find the whole case unacceptable.

This didn’t happen to me

Wonder what would happen if everyone decided to cancel vip pass and not buy the packages they sell for a month? Certain things missed during the outage are not replaceable. Thanks for the $200 in game hard cash! FYI you can buy 500 for $4.99

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