Really think you guys should compensate us for our time wasted yesterday that caused us a whole day of waiting and not getting any rest stops- coins, and dinosaurs- DNA.
It would be nice if you guys gave VIP users like a legendary dino or platinum incubator or if you guys have us loads of gold so we could level up our dinos cause I currently have 22 dinos waiting to be upgraded lol.


Platinum incubator? Lol no way theyd do that. I could see something like 20k coins though.


It’s just a suggestion lol but they should do something for the VIP users that would be better than awarding regular users


The no way on platinum incubator, you must not do any battling it does not cost 3000 if you win one, but a compensation for yesterday would be a good thing.


They should give something to all users, not just vip. Coins, dinobucks, either or both would be nice.


Completely agree. There’s no need to get greedy. Just be happy if we get any kind of compensation. Everyone is getting way bent out of shape, and I can understand that - but you have to at least be reasonable here. Just because you’re a VIP does not make you better than Joe Schmoe who’s F2P, because of budgetary constraints.

Everyone should get the same amount of compensation, if Ludia chooses to do so.

It’s tough, but it’s fair.


Whether they do or not, I won’t really complain. Getting anything is a bonus, getting nothing, yeah disappionting, but nothing to get horribly bent out if shape over. This hit us all, including Ludia, like a freight train at max speed with a broken brake system, so if anything it’s gonna take time.


What does VIP stand for … I think that makes them more entitled to a greater game than Joe … they pay for it


Everyone needs to just step back, calm down, and think about this rationally. If we keep this panic thing going, Ludia might end up deciding to not give us anything for our hardship.

Don’t be greedy. Asking for incubs and thousands of coins is only going to make things worse if it keeps up. It’s like what a parent deals with if they have a 5-year old that won’t stop misbehaving… They ultimately are forced to not give the child anything as a punishment. You guys are being the 5-year olds here, can’t you see that?

Compensation is fine, but make it fair for everyone, not just a privileged few who pay for perks. You’re escalating your demands further and further to the point where Ludia is going to say “nothing for anyone”.


I agree but to think non VIP are ‘entitled’ to the same is ludicrous…


I am VIP and I completely agree that everyone should get the same compensation. VIP perks are not enough and they should be improved, but not at the expense of non-VIPs. Everyone lost game time, everyone deserves compensation.


Never said non VIP should get rewards but I think people who pay money every month should get something better, but if they won’t do that then a general reward would do


To be perfectly honest … VIP pay monthly … they had an outage … slight compensation is warranted … F2P pay nothing … they had an outage … be glad it’s back

Simple … nothing is free in life but if you pay for a service you should expect it …


Actually guys they do not have to give any form of compensation for the downtime. Most game developers only give some kind of compensation if the game is unplayable for at least 72 hours.

However; in this time we’re living in, there are far too many self entitled people out there, who find waiting 5 minutes in the line of a burger at Burger King is too long of a wait. People complain about not being able to get their DNA or access their supply drops and act like they have been truly insulted.

Makes me wonder what the next generation of gamer is going to be like … shame really!


I still disagree. People who pay monthly should get better perks overall, either that or reduce the VIP cost. But when it comes to compensating for an internal issue, everyone deserves the same. When you pay VIP you are paying for the offered perks, not for the occasional compensations. That’s the way I see it, anyway, it’s not that important :stuck_out_tongue:


We didn’t wait 5 minutes, a whole day for me was wasted, cant get that day back


I totally agree that there should be no discrimination between the VIP/Non-VIP (I am myself a VIP member) and receive the same compensation since both lost time and effort.

On the other hand, I wish Ludia had handled this thing in a better way. I saw their announcement coming out today (just before the issue was finally fixed).They could have at least acknowledged and alerted users long time back, like by adding a pop-up on game launch stating they are facing server issues and you might face interruptions.

I understand every company face issues, but acknowledging/assuring public that there is something wrong and they are putting efforts goes a long way!


Boy @d0b, you sure illustrated my point about “overprivileged attitude” with your last comment. If no one gets anything out of this, it’s because of greedy people who think the world owes them something. Here’s a little peek at the way the real world works, chucklehead… It owes you nothing.


And this is one of my biggest issues with this game. Communication with players is crucial and Ludia doesn’t handle it right. We barely get patch notes occasionally…


So your okay with a whole day of getting nothing? Its true that they dont have to do anything but it would be nice if they acknowledge that their server was having issues and that they know a whole day was wasted so here’s some gold or a free incubator, I’d even take a discounted epic or a discounted showcase epic incubator