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Competing without tanks?


So just as an experiment, and because I really dont care about the broken tourneys, I decided to run a team with 0 tanks this tourney to see how far I could get, or if I could even rank at all…

I am more or less F2P, I don’t buy incubators at all but I do buy coins and I do have VIP. The results so far are pretty surprising, at least to me.

Keep in mind that I dont fight a lot, about 6 to 10 matches a day, mainly to fill incubator slots.

Im sure I would be a LOT higher ranked if my team wasn’t so under-leveled (aside from Tryo). As a F2P player, it’s really, really hard to level anything past 20. Makes a big difference when pretty much EVERY match is VS level 27 - 30 noobodeus and tragos.

But anyway, yeah…it’s entirely possible to compete in arena with 0 tanks :wink:


Buying coins or VIP isn’t free to play.


haha, thanks. I was about to say that. Coins are by far the one thing that holds me back from being competitive. I’m sitting on tons of DNA.


All that t rex dna needed for those hybrids being free 2 play, show me your ways… We’ll have to go hunting sometime


I buy coins with in game cash, not real $. Its the only time I even use the store.

VIP is real $ tho, so yeah, not technically F2P, but nowhere near P2W :sunglasses:


Dude you have 3 uniques xd, and the only viable tank is stegodeus and perhaps tragodistis if overleveled to 27+ xd


Rex is everywhere, he is the most common epic in the game. Plus I have been playing since launch and my uniqes are pretty much all the same level that they unlock at, so not sure what you are trying to say… :neutral_face:


I see rex like twice a week, I just get salty because I don’t play enough :joy::joy::joy: Also been playing since launch, my I rex is only level 18, baby steps haha fair play man


Nice to see no tanks! Im p2w, but im jealous of your team and its levels :frowning:

Anyway, well done!


25 Stegod, 23 Indo, 22 Spino. You doing great also. Thats a nice team!


Thanks!!! Half my team under 20 feels bad though :frowning: I guess the one 20 :slight_smile:


define tank :thinking: it doesn’t have to be an herbivore.
tryke has armor, a lot of HP and a shield. dioraja has armor, a lot of HP and 2 shields.
they are tanks just the same as stegodeus is. so you are running 2 :wink:


Haha, glad to see my saying, Noobodeus to be used :smiley:

Although, as Cleverboy mentioned, Diorajasaurus is a tank. Trykosaurus is debatable, but she is kinda tanky as well.


those levels and no P2P??? ive been playing since the start of beta, i hunt constantly and im not near you…

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As a L3 player, I must say…I-raptor might be the only available unique for me.
(Might plus Erlid, but I could only see Erliko once for a week)

So “where you are” could cause large influence, especially decided if you can build up an team like this or couldn’t.:roll_eyes:


Tryko is actually a tanky tank crusher.
With high armor % and invincibility.

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