Competition for Ludia

Not sure how to really start this… but Ludia needs to get its act together or this game will slip. This event has started off super poor… 1 common spooky strike event? C’mon. I recently downloaded the ghost busters game and played for about 30 minutes and here are 5 ways it drastically out performs JWA:

  1. You always have 3 creatures spawned around you to do battle with. This means I can always play no matter where I am. It still changes the options when you move but as it currently stands… ghosts provide more targets all the time.

  2. You can physically place your own supply drop. Admittedly I haven’t used this feature since I’m traveling for business… however, I believe you get to drop your own private resource spin wherever you want… I was waiting to deploy mine in my house.

  3. Story missions that use a team of creatures, heck a story mode at all is benificial. I haven’t progressed super far and it’s just 2d characters telling a story… but it adds depth and experience to the game.

  4. Daily, weekly challenges for resources… self explanatory here.

  5. Crafting your own darts/not needing darts at all. So before people call out the “obvious”. If creatures spawn continuously “wont I run out of capture materials???”. No, you won’t. First you can craft your own capture modules (movie item)… as mentioned above, drop your own supply station… AND if you don’t want to capture the creature, you can destabilize it for different resources.

There are definitely differences between the games such as combat… ghosts featured a team and traditional wave dungeon crawl. But I haven’t done pvp yet nor the team boss battles they hinted at.

In general, it is my personal opinion that this game (JWA) releases patches that don’t add much in the way of depth. For example;

  1. Halloween event is literally just strike towers with a new theme.

  2. Changes and nerfs/buffs to creatures causes mass amounts of coins to be wasted as Dino’s that were focused become less relevant. This will serve mainly to aggravate most players while benifiting few. Nerfs as a rule slow games down… and assuming they ever do add boss battles, bleed bosses will slaughter any tank once SS loses its cleanse power. In the end it feels like they leave a creature OP, get players to focus level it… then slash it for the next flavor of the month and subsequent coin purchases to stay relevant… hence the “only level Draco rex gen 2 since they’ll never nerf him” jokes

  3. Focus is entirely towards the top end players. I finished 112 in this last tournament season and am getting a nice reward… but after the 250 ranked spot the rewards become fairly garbage fairly fast in comparison to the time/money a player invested to get there… if this doesn’t change then the tournaments will eventually become only participation rewards because only 500 people will bother to play (exaggeration for effect)

I’m not quiting or advocating others to quit… I’m asking Ludia to seriously think about it’s competition that they will be facing… I believe a Harry Potter game like this is slated for November as well. If enough games providing enough depth and content come out, this game, which I have enjoyed will not keep the fan base or inspire new players to pick up the drone controls.


Because it took 3 hours for support to make sure my post was ok… it got buried. I’m gonna post just so it gets to be seen… I won’t bump it again


Wait… Ghostbusters World is out? Still seeing it as coming soon. ios or Android?

Also agree with everything you just said!

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It’s out for apple store, don’t know about android

Went live at 4:00 am this morning and is fun as crap


Pre-registered for Android.
Should be available soon.
Fingers crossed.

its out on android

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My favorite thing is when you zap the ghosts you use your camera and see the ghost in true AR fashion!

Kind of what i hoped JWA was and was disappointed

The AR doesn’t bother me as much as the general lack of content JWA has compared to others. They should at the very least add daily/weekly missions. Easy to do and provides basic goals

JWA doesn’t do as well as it could or should. never a top 100 grossing app. but i feel like ghostbusters isn’t going to scare them or be much of a threat.

Definitely going to start playing GB. Going to DL it right after I finish this post.

I just hope that if it does have some kind of PvP, it wont be 80% luck to win a match like JWA is… this game is just HORRIBLE for PvP.


Downloading it now to try it out!

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@Lord_G Thanks for new game recommendation. I usually never play games. If I do, I would like to get the complete kick of it. One of the best games that I have ever played on my PC is Counter Strike 1.6. That is way way better than any pvp I have ever played. Just simple game mechanics, smooth and more importantly: pure skills matter, not the rng. With the JWA, I started to collect all dinos. But that seemed very challenging too as all of them wont spawn all the time. Also hard earned incubators gives DNA that wont even matter. So I was actually killing my time for nothing. Hope Ludia changes some game mechanics, that way people like us would stick around for couple of years.

I am a fanboy for Jurassic Park franchise. That’s the first and the only reason I am actually here.


760 MB patch on release day :eyes:

And downloaded GB.
Switch is about 75% happening for me. Lack of content updates in this game is horrific. Giving Ludia one major content chance more.

Already had 14 friends drop off from this game. :confused:

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I just wish I hadn’t spent so much on jw alive game. Makes me feel guilty switching to ghost Busters. I will anyway lol

I’m also a fan of this series… moreso than GB. Not that those movies aren’t good too. Buddy of mine plays counter strike competitively… I’m not good enough tbh. It’s combat was a 4v? Dungeon crawl. Reminded me of summoners war for anyone familiar with that game. Hope you get enjoyment in whichever you play!

Meh, water under the bridge… I know someone who spent 2.5k $$$ on clash of clans and eventually quit lol. That was crazy. I try and keep any game to 100 or less bucks

Downloaded the game last night on iOS and although I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m a little confused by this Boss Arrival notification, no idea even how to find it?? So far so good, something different for sure. Also, people who dart while they walk/bike won’t be able to do that for this game as it requires a lot more attention to shoot, counter and trap ghosts so hopefully that also means less people trying to drive and play :joy:

Don’t plan on spending on this game at the moment even though it looks good, lesson learned from playing JWA. The best time to start a game and level up is probably at the beginning because they are usually more generous and then once they have the following then nerfs begin. Hopefully this game won’t do that but we’ll see.

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Loving the game so far, currently at level 10. The features are such an improvement. You get trackers, local/global chat, own sd, missions, story mode, battles, and every ghost is essentially different. Not to mention you can name them :grin: