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Competition game with prize that justifies the difficulty of battles

After playing this game for many years, today I play only when the prize justifies the difficulty in battles.
If the prize is bad, I don’t put my dinosaurs in the battle.
In this part the developers are very unfair proposing a three-round battle with dinosaurs with 8000 defense and 3000 attack, offering for victory a super rare dinosaur.

Speaks seriously

PvE is based on your top 3 creatures. Keep a balanced lineup and the creatures you face will be around the same ferocity level as your own dinosaurs. I can usually finish all of the events in one day and not touch my top 15 dinosaurs.


It is a fair complaint about having to use your best creatures and the prize is a spin on the prize wheel for a super-rare creature. There are several events where only the s-DNA makes completing the event worthwhile

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