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Competitive alliance seeking new recruits


Are you an active tournament player looking for something fresh and exciting? RexOnTheBeach is looking for you. We are a top alliance in the making, filled with many veteran players.

What we offer:

•10/10 weekly rewards

•Tier 9 AC rewards

•ARK co-op and farm access

•Active discord and raiding coordination

•DNA requests fulfilled (including epics!)

Joining us means access to tips and training from our veteran members, including some of top players in the game. Also includes access to many level 20 sanctuaries, generous DNA donations, helpful raiders, top rewards and more. Discord is required so that we can communicate. Reply to this post, DM or contact JMoost#7522 on Discord if interested.


Just wondering if you guys still had any openings?

We do, can you add me on discord JMoost#7522 ?

I can vouche this guild is super good and up-and-coming to be a top number 1 guild :slight_smile:


Yes already had sent an add thank you :wave:

Yes there is.
-level 20 and 4500+ trophies is preferred
-Average of 1100 trophies per tournament.
-focus on tourney and interest to improve skill battling and work on advantage teams.

We still have a couple of open positions for the beginning of next month :grin:

RexOnTheBeach is looking to add several new players to our team at the end of this AC. We are a newer alliance formed with veteran players. We are one of the few alliances on track for Tier 9 Rewards this month, and currently ranked 22 overall. We are a competitive, yet, fun group that is seeking tournament focused players.

What we offer:

-Sancs: We are part of the ARK Sanctuary co-op. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries with access to the ARK farm (10-15 level 20 sancs) during FIP bundle sales

-Top Rewards. We always hit 10/10 weekly with time to spare. Tier 9 rewards on the Alliance championship, and looking to get to tier 10 on the next 5 week championship.

-Raids: Plenty of help and coordination for raids in our active discord.

-Training: Our top players want to help. We can help build skill via streaming on discord voice chat. Weekly tips and advice from our Tourney Gurus before each tournament.

-DNA donations filled 99% of the time. Epics included


-Level 20 and 4500+ trophies

-Average of 1100 trophies per tournament

-Focus on tourney, leveling for advantage and interest to improve skill and advantage scores.

-Discord is required

Our founding members have come from top alliances and have won the AC 4 times! Reach out to me if you think you can help us achieve that again. JMoost#7522 on Discord.

Still looking for 1-2 more members!

Seeking a couple of competitive tournament players to join at the end of AC. We are currently on track for tier 10 this month and are ranked 9 overall in the championship. Contact me on Discord JMoost#7522