Complaining about the epic scents

I bought one epic scents for £9.99 and I only got 2 epic dinosaurs spawn in. I work hard for my money and this price is not worth it. More epic dinosaurs should spawn it’s completly unfair I would like a refund or another epic scents

We all feel 5x as ripped off by the legendary incubator as well

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Ludia don’t care… They just want the money…

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It says in the description that the minimum guaranteed is 1 epic creature. You got two. You got more than what was guaranteed. I get it tho! I messed up and bought an incubator once with the Dino I needed as the picture but it wasn’t guaranteed dna in the incubator. Didn’t get any dna for that dino at all.


If you can read, there is what it says : “Minimum guaranteed : 1 epic creature” “It guarantees 1 Epic encounter and increases your chances at other Epic encounters”.
It’s not false advertising or whatever you bought it with this knowledge…

You got two, above the minimum guaranteed, and yet you are complaining ?


You wouldn’t get a refund or another Scent even if your complaint was valid… which it is not.

I’m confused, how do you buy an epic scent for 10 pounds?

If it makes you feel any better, last 6 tries of epic scent only gave me 1 epic dino per use, and that was with me walking around

I didn’t read the description I know understand but my point still stands I pay 9.99 to get 1 or 2 epic that’s abit to expensive does anyone agree with me something needs to change with that because it is a rip off COME ON JURRASIC WORLD ALIVE TEAM

I promise you, the most efficient way to utilize an epic scent is to use it as a passenger in a moving vehicle…traveling at relatively slow speeds (not highway speeds). I use it when I’m on a bus and have yet to get less than 4 epics. The last time I tried it, although they were the worst epics possible, I still got four. My best was, I think 6…and I still saw two wild T Rex. Ive bought 4 total, and its worth it if you use it right. It’s a waste to use them while walking.

Still think 9.99 is abit expensive for a few epics maybe a legendary should be included when I used it I got 2 epics which I already have , 1 rare and atleast 10 commons. Common dinos really should not spare when using this scent and I also think they should lower the price to 4.99 or something like that because most people have most of the epic dinosaurs unless u are a late starter I myself only have a few epics left to get i haven’t started getting any legendary or uniques.

Man if you low lvl player it not worth, but if you lvl 20 which you whould chose betwen epic scent who has a chabce 1 epic spwan and get more than 100dna with 1k cash or incubator lvl 20 more than 3k cash and only get 300 epic dna. What will you chose?

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Yes they are expensive, but they are a way better value when compared to the cost of an epic incubator. With an epic incubator you get random epic DNA, then a ton of stygy gen 2. With the epic scent, you have way more control over what you get. I dont use them to simply collect…its strategic. I’m hunting ourano DNA, I set a scent in L2 and go for a ride and get some pyro too. Need some Anky or Raja, set one off in L4 and go for another ride. I collect for the fusions. It is hit or miss. The pictures above are from my last scent. Totally useless DNA, but for each of my 4 flares I’ve collected at least 400 DNA for each for a minimum total of 1600 DNA of stuff I actually aimed for. Try that with a 4000 cash incubator. Not gonna happen. The catch is, walking is too slow. I’m not trying to inspire anyone to drive and dart, as that would be dangerous. Good luck!


So I have now used four epic scents and results were:

  1. 3 Concavenators, 2 Sinoceratops’ and 1 kentrosaurus.
  2. 1 Bracchiosaurus, 1 Spinosaurus
  3. 3 Monolophosaurus’, 1 Bracchiosaurus, 1 Baryonyx
  4. 2 Concavenators, 1 Sinoceratops, 1 Bracchiosaurus, 1 Rajasaurus.
    I consider myself very lucky even though I got lots of Concavenator.
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