Complaining springs eternal

I have found the answer to all my woes.

I am putting all my eggs into Indoraptor, and when that fails I will complain nonstop on this forum. Ludia will not buff indo, but even better they will nerf all other Dinos.

From passed experience, this plan cannot lose. All your nerfs are belonging to me.

Nerfs happen since the beginning of this game. We have to accept that. However, there should be a good reason for it. I don’t think that any dodgers needed it as they were well balanced with exception to Procera. I’m not a fan of Indoraptor as I rarely use it but I do think it didn’t deserve that blow. It’s a very important dino in the franchise after all.

Ludia blamed players for not unlocking new dinos they made to counter dodgers. It’s a bit crazy. Don’t you think?