Complains topic

This topic is here to send all your complains about Jurassic world alive

But please don’t trash talk to the game, players and Ludia you must be respectful thanks


Alliance chat -> needs fixing already.
Sanctuary bug that doesn’t refresh DNA reward preview if you’ve left the phone on standby for a while -> should be fixed.

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I haven’t found any epic boop noodles yet


I’ve found one, and their annoying to dart.


Error 404
Titanoboa not found


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Will be quite the task to merge every existing complaint topic to this one :thinking:


This game is so addictive yet there are so many things to complain about… I can’t make myself drop it or stop complaining…


I have one huge complain for ludia…
I still have no 15000 HC offer for 100 gemini


The alliance chat really should be fixed.

The fact that your position is always at the bottom on the alliance leaderboard should be fixed.

Matches should never time out.

Boosts shouldn’t be so readily available.

There should be cheaper options in store like the £1.99 seen recently.

We should be seeing more actual dinos with new updates.

CS should be looked at and made to be a fairer move. It’s simply op as it stands.

Other alliance members shouldn’t be seeing the red number show when people apply to join alliance.

Tournaments should apply a 50/50 chance to win a speed tie rather than have the one nearest the server win it every time.

Tournaments should be a straight 30 trophies for a win and lose 30 for a loss. If this means there are loads of players having the same points at the end, so what?

Ludia should communicate with us way more than they do. The fact that boosts have been sold every day for 2 months without a word from Ludia is a great example of this.


campaign mode sucks and gets ridiculously rigged at higher levels

too many dinos locked behind exclusives in a game thats all about exploration and collecting

too much greed infecting this game

too many pay to win mechanics infecting this game


grind is way too intense now


Rhino sucks and yet it’s supper hard to make

CS strike

Gemini and maxima are too strong

Mammoth and her hybrids are wayyyyyy to strong

I don’t have time to list every single bug so I’m just gonna day fix the bugs

Alliance chat

Procerathomimus: nerf it now


Complaint topic? That’s 90% of what we have in the forum


titanboa spawn rate is junk. bump it up.

the mirgation also sucked. Change it up more.

no more exclusives

revamp some older dinos so they don’t out right suck compared to the new stuff


Titanboa needs a higher spawn rate.

Alliance chat PLEASE fix it soon!

Trophies constantly award less when you win and far more are lost when you lose, making progression nearly impossible. Please fix this, it’s causing the arena to be even more unbalanced than it really should be.

Procera needs a nerf. Not a huge one, but it does need a small one. There’s zero reason why Monomimus should be weaker than this thing.


It’s pay to win/collect all creatures



  1. Boosts are making the game stagnant
  2. Titanoboa is too rare and not epic enough to justify spending money and resources to hunt
  3. Alliance chat is buggy
  4. Battles are too hard to grind without resorting to arena and/or campaign grinding
  5. PTW items are not worth paying
  6. Nublar Shores is completely broken by Ludia whether in terms of boosts or timer
  7. Exploits are not fixed and when fixed look like they are not fixed
  8. The connectivity of the game is quite annoying.

Ok, hear me out, just gotta vent out some frustration. So when I was outside an epic spawned right next to me, I looked and it was titanoboa, the boop noodle I was looking for for long. But no, it despawned right before I could even tap on it. This isn’t the first time either, it’s also happened to me with miasaurua and ouranosaurus too! Like, why is this even a thing?! I could have seen the decelerating impact that everyone chats about but no, it just had to de spawn. The worse part is that I didn’t even discover it, so I’ll still have once card that will never be discovered. Now, I’m usually fine with epics despawning when I’m about to dart them, but only because they’re usually epics that I don’t need, and to stockpile their dna for later usage. But the fact that titanoboa did the same thing makes me mad. And I could have been the first member of my alliance to have found it, but nope.

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Still very salty on August 19 about that error, MAKE THINGS FAIR FOR EVERYONE LUDIA!

What happened on august 19th?