Complains topic

You don’t want to know.

Was it the unique event?

Pls do tell we wish to know

We don’t have the introduction of boost 3.0 which allow use to boost armor and crit

Gemini define shield advantage should deal 2X damage,oh and give him +3000hp ,its not enough,and some armor and crit aswell,but i will wait boost 3.0 for that

Smilonemys wasn’t buffed enough last update,bring him immunity to death

There is not enough boosts sales actually,we should get them 1 per hours

Chat work too much properly,introduce some bugs please

There is not enough exclusives creatures ,please bring some moar next patch so it can be a pain to level my hybrids

Campaign is too long

Offers in the shop are too cheap

Turtle /mammoth/diplodocus and allogen2 are too weak in the tournaments,buff them.

Monolorhino need a nerf for the balance of the arena

Cautious strike miss armor and shield destruction,nullyfing and a slow down

Speed tie don’t need a rework,people complain about it but its really good to beat your opponent because of my superior speed connection (skill)


Sometimes it feels like it’s not even theoretically possible to win a speed tie.

Make it luck based 50/50, have both attacks take place, whatever, just not this.


Ok my turn

Cautious strike needs a rework should have 2 or 3 effects but no more

Change the boosts system or remove it

Change the ceratopsians with the new swap in stunning strike they are so boring

The matchmaking is bad everyone knew that

Change the team selection in the battles, often I’m frustrat the game gives me a bad team and lose because of this, I want to choose wich dino’ll fight not the game by total hazard, but please add some rules about this no one want to fight against a full team of ceratopsians, if Ludia really don’t want to do this in arena and Tournament battles pls do at least for the friendlies battles

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I want a epic noodle! I see everyone else getting it but I haven’t seen one yet.

I agree to some, but I personally have 3 main complaints:

1- boosts shouldn’t exist
2- battles would be 1000% more fun and fair without boosts. Get rid of them.
3- it’s become clearly pay to win. Go away with boosts.


I had never thought of that, yet it is a good idea for speed ties. Have both attacks take place. Simple as that. No effects applied before next turn. Say you distract, opponent will be distracted next turn but not in the current one. If it is 2-2 and both attacks are enough to kill the opponent, then it is a tie. Sounds fair.

inhales a certain amount of air fine, I’ll tell you, but you better not regret it.

on August 19, one of the days of a pterosauria scent, there was a error, which lead to a more valuable reward (not going to say what it actually was), for the first 10 minutes, and then after the first 10 minutes were up, they then patched it with the correct reward. (Okay seriously Ludia, you can fix a bug that is actually nice for US in MINUTES but fix bugs that hurts us for moths?!?! you take months to fix those bugs that hurt us, but when there is a bug that hurts YOU, it takes minutes!)

I made it a spoiler, this is your last chance.


I’m still upset over this. Had the opportunity to actually get the reward, but didn’t go after it because i thought i could just do it a lunch. SMH.

I am too, I still did it though just for the scent, though I kinda regret getting the scent because every-time I lookdd at the scent, it reminds me of that error, very impressive to see them fix a bug that hurts Ludia in minutes but it takes months to fix bugs that hurt us for months.


it was swept under the rug. for shame on the company.

Stop removing the green supply drops as soon as weekend starts and good creatures actually spawn under them!!!


you can unlock the card by looking at it in the sanctuary though :slight_smile:

Ok, what was the reward, please tell me

my biggest complaint is that ALL “parks”(green areas) within 5km have 0 spawn points.
outside of chase week, I havent seen a single carbo yet while being quite active

a pterosauria premium inc, I’d be super salty if it was a regular one, but I’m not as salty since it was bird themed.

True, but nobody in my alliance has even discovered titanoboa yet

Community votes are either rigged, or being polluted by casuals.