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Complaint about Saarvins Epic bow

So why and how does it make sense for the bow effect(the Aoe row attack) to proc the rust monster debuff for melee attacking one? Like it makes literally 0 sense. The logic is the rust monster rusts your weapon. So it rusts a bow that doesn’t even come close to the creature?

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Magic does cool things

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It does, but thats not how rust monsters work. Why doesn’t it rust all ranged attacks then.

I don’t really pay much attention to what cause each attack. Do most ranges attacks use a physical weapon? Or are they magic cast by character? Or are they thrown objects that the character would have more of to throw?

And is there somewhere in game that actually describes how rust monsters work?

That Hoo-Doo Voodoo :grinning::rofl:

@Mkb617 if you check the tool tip for Rust Monsters by long-pressing on it, you will see that it applies this debuff to all attacks made against it.

Ok… I wasn’t actually concerned with it. The other poster said that. “It wasn’t how it worked” I just wasn’t sure if that were true or not. Basically asking where he got his information or he was basing how it worked from a different game and assumed it was same here

Because it doesn’t apply it to all attacks made against it. For example it doesnt apply to any of his BASIC attacks just the Special effect of the bow.
It also doesn’t apply to any other ranged attacks, no matter what is used. For example even the long range dissarm the barbarian has
Thats why the strategy for them is kill them with long range
As for what he uses he uses a bow hence ARROWS you know the things that should not be affected by a rust monster

Hi John,

Actually it applies this debuff to melee attacks only. I asked about this close to a year ago and was told it was a glitch that the bow aoe proc was not supposed to be effected. So I guess you haven’t been able to fix it, and now it’s supposed to be that way, lmao. If you hit rust monsters with the wizard you don’t get debuffs, and that’s a ranged attack, unless you use his power to disarm the row. That attack gets the debuff as well. Still. A year later same glitch, although now you’re saying it’s supposed to be like that. The problem with what you’ve said, and others have pointed out is that the only ranged attacks that get this debuff are the Ranger epic weapon red dice proc and the Wizards row disarm. So what’s the deal.

Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to discuss the full details but our team is definitely taking a look.