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Complaint about the Trust Point System for Special dragons

I want to complain about the Trust Point special dragons in general.
They’re practically IMPOSSIBLE for non Pay To Win players like myself to obtain! The fact that you get too few points in my eyes doesn’t help either.
I’m wanting to see a complete redesign of the system to enable everyone to get the first copy of the dragon together. Henceforth my suggestion below.
In order to get the rest of the copies, you must first beat a temporary ten stage Battle with 100 tp each to initially unlock the dragon.
Then, in order to grind the rest of them, you MUST use the dragon you just unlocked in your current team to play the Scuffle and Bout stages. Without it, you cannot play either.


But how would your suggestion make it easier to get copies of the Seasonal Trust dragons? Won’t having to use them make it a lot more difficult (cuz you’d definitly won’t be able to lvl them up rapidly).

How about using them being optional, and if you do use them in a trust-event fight you get a little bonus trust at the end (kinda like the way the challenge works in the scale and 4 hour quests.)?

Easy. It all depends on what star rating and ability level it is on.
The lower the Star or ability, the easier the levels are.

I don’t think that would work
This system is pretty good.
If you grind you can get all 3 copies for under 3k runes, maybe even less. It’s 30 hard viking chests and some change.
You can save up for a month and you’ll be able to do it.
Not to mention runes from other areas of the game.

I 50% agree with this, but the issue isn’t that it’s pay to win, the issue is that it’s a bad strategy, yeah sure alot of people buy the FC in the first year, but what’s next after that? Pretty sure that Freefang is the last special event dragon. To be honest it would have been a better strategy if they didn’t have these FC chests to boost our TPs and just add more benefits to the FC, like less time for breeding, etc (since even SOME OF the people that had the FC before the special event dragons are most likely canceling it now since they got the taste of these event dragon TPs and now ludia is just taking it from them). But tbh I have no issue with this (since I am a bit tired of these events, now I can catch a break). Fr originally these dragons felt special and now it just feels like: lol new dragon, some of them even have bad stats (not Freefang, that thing is strong).

And this comes from a person that has each special TP dragons at 5* and Freefang at 3* (just so nobody is gonna think that I’m complaining because I can’t get these dragons).

Well, I’m a “non Pay To Win player” and there is not an event dragon I don’t have. Also, your idea does not look like a solution to your problem.

I refuse to pay money for any mobile games,tbh. This is no exception.

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I just want one copy of each dragon,then I would be happy. That’s why I suggested my idea.

And I think they should increase the amount of TPs you get from the Superior Scuffle. What about you?

I think it’s ok as it is (maybe a small increase won’t be too bad) but i don’t know how were you not able to get at least one dragon.

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If you play the events quest, you WILL get at least one of each new dragon, they stay for about five days, and you get trust points from alpha chest, mission chest, the shop from arena and another quests that come with the events quest. You don’t even need runes.

Same here. :wink:

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It’s actualy too easy, they give you 3 dragons for “free”.

It’s perfectly possible for a non payer to get three copies of every trust point special dragon, although it would require very hard work. I didn’t spent a cent but I can alway get enough runes from chests to reset enough times to get three copies, although that would mean I almost don’t have any runes for drafts. I do miss a few but mostly because I was too busy to spare enough time on the game during those events.


It may be too hard for new players but it’s not impossible for non pay players.


The only one I ever came close to getting was Snoggletogg Toothless. I’m happy to be able to finally get him this year, but I definitely think that the Superior Scuffle should have an increase of TPs by 2, due to the harder levels.

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Or what if they reduced it by half for none flight club members?

To give credit where it’s due, I’m only rank 31 so far and I only have Toothless and Lyra (my name for the Light Fury.) as my sole two unique dragons, the other couple 5s were breeding. Do I need to play both Basic and Superior to get the dragon? I don’t even like three star dragons (practically useless to me) and I use them along with 2 and 1* dragons as food for my 4* and 5* dragons.

Pardon me but I don’t know what you’re referring to. Reduce what by half? And why would they do that?

Yeah a small increase of TPs would be nice