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[complaint] An unfair money purchase


When I arrived at arena 5 JWA offered me a special offer. To buy it, I had to buy money at the store, and the pack proposed was the 2600 money for € 21.99. Ok, I bought it. Nothing strange until here if there wasn’t in the store a better pack, 3250 of money for the same € 21.99. Couldn’t you propose the best option in store? Of course, I felt cheated. I don’t want to be refund, but I think It’s fair to get the 650 missing.
Wating for a response, thank you.
Rui Dinis/HornBlogger #2512


Just had the exact same situation.

I needed more cash but it offered me the standard cash purchase. I didn’t get it because I knew there was a better offer on the market.

I had to decline the offer to go to the market to get the better cash deal but of course the one-time offer was then gone forever.

Basically, by offering me the standard cash purchase they effectively lost out on more money from me.


Exactly… but I accepted the offer :frowning: