Complaints about the weekly schedule

  1. One day to catch 9 epics…and on a weekday when most people still work. Sure, at various moments throughout the week I’d remember. But come Friday, I am used to the usual schedule, and thought I had my day off (Saturday) to go catch my epics.
  2. Now on my days off (Sat/Sun), I can go catch my weekly dinos. But wait, one measly attempt on these Legendaries and Uniques. We have so much crammed into the weekday, then practically nothing when most of us actually have the most time.

Solution 1: overlap Epics with Legends and Uniques. Friday-Sunday: Epic/Legend/Unique.

Solution 2: Reverse order a bit on these “special” weeks. Monday/Tuesday: Legends/Uniques…etc.

Hunting, and weekly specials are one of the few aspects of this game that most players still truly enjoy. Don’t ruin what is now your strongest pull.
Not sure why this still goes on, when people have complained about it for so long now. And unlike some other aspects of the game, this is such an easy solution.


Solution 1 seems like the better option.

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Another solution is all the Green Supply Drops give the option to choose what creature you want to dart.


Solution 1 is better

If you reverse the order then your still left with the same situation as before. You will still be left with 5 days out of 7 just like now. With this in mind solution 1 will be he best answer.

Solution 1 is good. Better be something like:
a. Mon-Tue - meh, Wed-Fri - Rare, Sat - Epic/Legen, Sun - Epic/Unique, or
b. Mon-Tue - meh, Wed-Thur - Rare, Fri - Sat - Epic, Sun - Legen/Unique

There is really no point in 1 attempt for a whole day.


This would be a better way to handle it these days.

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