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Complete 36 dungeons?

Ok. I know one complete 2 or 3 room explore set is one dungeon. Are challenges? Is all 9 rooms one dungeon? Is it 3?

If it’s only explore mode… do i even have 36 left?

Clearing all three bosses counted as 1. Clearing 2 bosses counted at 1.

That’s still a lot of challenges to do. Especially for the reward.

Yes, every dungeon you enter in challenge mode is only counted as one no matter how far you get. If it pays out 25 scrolls keep it, otherwise pass and replace it. If today was a Moment of Glory or a 2x gems map it might be worth keeping but better to get the most scrolls with the easiest completion requirements.

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As long as I never miss a new quest, it’s fine. Slow, but fine.

And it is 25 scrolls.