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Complete incompetence - what's *really* going on?

This 1.7 fiasco has now gone from good idea ‘in theory’ to proof that Ludia is completely incompetent.

Never a word about what is actually happening, just useless acknowledgement that “we’re working on something” but then they prove over and over again they have no clue what they’re working on.

EDIT: This is not specifically about the cancelled maintenance. It is about EVERYTHING that is total garbage since 1.7 - including the way they have treated us, the players (paying or no).


So they tested their fix and noticed something wasn’t working as designed. Then they canceled the maintenance break instead of releasing a patch with flaws. Then you call them incompetent. Got it!


And you know this how?


I think we all know by now that Ludia doesn’t really test anything… they just release it.


For all we know ludia is sitting down with a cocktail still wondering what to do

That’s not true, can’t blame ludia on this. They tested, they failed, they gave up.

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If I were them, I would test before I released a maintenance notice …


@Rantz is correct. It actually does show they are somewhat incompetent… which is very unfortunate, because this game had such a high potential to be one of the best games out there… @gschmitz73 they shouldn’t have even mentioned a scheduled maintenance before testing LOL they should only announce a scheduled maintenance or any sort of patch or even more serious, an update, when they have thoroughly tested it. But as we all know, the testing phase is with us, the actual players :man_facepalming::joy:


We have no evidence they test anything at this point.


Yes, they’re incompetent. They planned to release 1.7, then they cancelled the 1.7 release and rescheduled to 1 week later…1 week later, they released the nost buggy 1.7 update ever. Or have you been living under a rock the past few weeks?


I am usually a very positive person but this. This is too much


Since we are the testers, the should compensate us with atleast 1 premium incubator and atleast 10k ingame cash. We can calculate the compensation for emotional damage later :slight_smile:


Pretty sure he didn’t just mean today, but read it how you like. Not to mention, if they are releasing a patch with flaws constantly? that is the definition of incompetent.

I’ve personally had enough. It’s been weeks of one issue after another. They don’t say anything at all aside from copying a previous post and rephrasing it, which people actually thank them for? Ok. If there isn’t something concrete by later today, it’s getting uninstalled.


@Sherwin if we charge them anything to compensate for emotional damage they would go bankrupt :joy:


I try to be positive too, but now I’m ticked off. Can we get a reason for this apart from, “nah, I don’t feel like it”, or " it’s buggy. Let’s wait a week then release it." We need more info


Exactly. Ludia atleast give us a damn reason for this delay

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Probably reasons like:

Technical difficulties
Unforeseen circumstances

Haa. You may as well get rid of it now. It’s the only game I have and I am determined to stay with it until they finally get it right. I do love the game, but the problems we are facing… Just annoying

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Guys, rest assured that we’re providing you literally with all the info we have at the moment. You’ll know once there’s more.


Man I feel bad for you mods. You guys don’t even get info from ludia.