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Complete incompetence - what's *really* going on?

Their incompetence can best be described as more to come soon.

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Their are literally indie developers with teams that are less then 10… that release early axcess titles that are more stable then this game…

I have no issues waiting or giving a developer time…but when you have hands down the worse communication skills of any game company Ive ever seen and pair that with what seems to be the worst qa process Ive ever seen if there even is one. Ludia has had multiple people on here offer to help test… but then we would actually know whats gonna happen before they patch and apparently releasing patches that dont work is more favorable then that.


In AZ much I understand everyone’s frustrated, th way this forum is going could end the game we love. Be more positive in your criticism. Consider this scenario…ludia decides that the player base is so upset that it’s financially not viable to co continue the game. The forum gets closed. Everyone runs to discord… (to complain) and all else are left with no game. By all means, voice your concerns but please do it in a positive manner. @Ludia_Developers we just need more feedback

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Thank you for being understanding. We are aware that you guys would like some answers.


There are several things that we are not happy with but it takes time to fix. Let’s give them that time. Yes even if creatures are still stuck in SP. It’s been 11 months and since launch we have had a very impoved product. I know we are passionate and hence the relevant frustration but keep it civil and be part of the solution as opposed to whining about the problem at every opportunity

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Read their Glass door reviews.
It’s clear it’s a management issue.Screenshot_20190516-135121_Glassdoor




Thanks Jhonny5, it’s exactly something I already see in the place where I work and I can confirm that, the results are clearly the same.

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You would also think that since they implemented the “certain common each day” that they would go through all the commons until the whole list reset.
Here we are again with the same ones that spawned on last week’s days.
There’s more than seven Commons in this game, right? :triumph:

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Not much different then the fact that they have 33 different configurations of alliance rewards… and weve seen 2 of them so far.

And while some are duds there are some that are really good like the one that give pyro as an epic and irritator as a rare.


^^^thanks for this, and to the person who originally posted it :slight_smile:

I agree, the message is total incompetence. Since about March, there has been a steep decline in stability and attention to detail. As a consumer, it certainly feels like decisions are made and implemented on the fly. This boost nonsense and the ridiculous imbalance that it has created reminds me of when the removed one shot at Tenontorex for “balancing purposes.” It 100% feels like amateur hour


There are still the alliance chat bugs introduced in 1.5, where all of a sudden chat stops working, sometimes immediately after having just started the client, requiring a restart. Then there is the bug where you have to restart in order to use alliance chat after a friendly challenge. There is also the alliance chat scrolling bug, introduced in 1.6, that causes the chat window to snap to the top of the chat buffer, preventing you from seeing any messages further down. Then there is also the alliance DNA request bug, where expired requests are shown in the chat window when the client starts, requiring, yep, you got it, a restart before they disappear.

There is the issue where the game, on Android at least, seems to go through a restart process on losing the focus or network connection, something that I have not seen on other games.

And I have also noticed that, also on Android, the client now seems very flakey on any network connection below 4G and flat out refuses to connect on 3G, something that other games can do without issue.


Mmmm, sounds like a great place to work for!

Oh yeah, and I forgot the disconnect on battle bug.

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I think this belongs here…


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Hmm that was rather eye opening. :no_mouth:

I knew that their inexperience has been showing lately, but I didn’t realize it was this bad in house.

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Agreed, I now picture Ludia ceo telling the developers, you ever want your trex to be faster then velociraptor… and when they are all shaking their heads he explains this is why he is the visionary.

Even if it didnt unfold this way that is how i see it now.

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well it wouldve worked if they correctly handled the distribution.

Same on IOS/Apple.

The regular road I play on (About 10 minutes long) is all 4G. There’s one TINY STRIP of 3G, and that causes me to have to restart my game… it’s literally 3 seconds!