Complete incompetence - what's *really* going on?

I suggest you creating a thread where you give more details and instructions how to refund money spent on this game. Which reason did you provide claiming refund?

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That top 6 is an all time rating its not where it still is.


Oh ok. Sorry bout that

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I don’t trust he google play review “rankings” due to the fact it does not change to reflect the current standard of the game. In fact…

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Them breaking their own TOU’s and allowing/rewarding cheating (as defined by Ludia).

It was denied two times first, but once I mentioned that other players had been given refunds for this exact same incident and requested an explanation, they approved it.

I know it is somewhere in another thread, but I haven’t been able to find it again.

EDIT: Found it - Anyone actually had a refund?

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Well. I assume many of the top 500 players, who spent some money (even on tons of boosts) are hanging in this forum.

And the complains comes from many pros and passionated players.

Players who could have beta-tested the versions if they could work in reality.

So even those few 100s have a great importance to the game.

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You mean like how they released a bug free 1,7 update?

Oh, yeah, about that…

Bugs so awful they simply can’t be ignored instead of getting through Ludia’s standard “Meh, that will do” response on discovering a bug?

You mean like how 1.7 fixed previous bugs, including the alliance chat bugs that have been around since alliance chat was first introduced a couple of patches ago?

I never said there weren’t issues that still need a fix. But I’m sure you can agree that a patch that works is better than one that doesn’t.

An update that works the first time without bugs is better than needing a patch at all. I can do this too.


Idk if this can ever happen now unless significant changes are made (i.e., limits). If you just reset everything (with appropriate refunds) we will soon be facing the same situation again. Players who took part in the exploits - and the rest of us who became their victims - have learned that everyone can create their own unstoppable “superrat(s)” by focusing their boosts on Thora, DC and a few others instead of boosting several dinos equally; I didn’t know that before but sure do now, and so does everyone else.

I think it would be wise if Ludia put the boosts on hold until update 1.8 to thoroughly rethink this system, which could be good if done right (maybe that’s why the tower was removed).

I hope that’s the case 'cause this game has so much potential.

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I’m not arguing with you on this. I do agree. My point is with today’s patch. I’d rather it work than be patched and have more issues. Can I you understand what I’m saying?

Agreed. They need to find a way to weight the reviews in terms of age, giving greater weight to more recent ones.

The same questionable assumption goes both ways.

I think you are asking me the question? I think they know who spent money on boosts. They should refund everyone who spent money on boosts and then reset the boost system to start everyone off on equal footing. The problem with boost is that a decent amount of people bought all the 25 boosts that we’re available and possibly took advantage of buying more than was intended to be available this causing this uneven, untenable situation we have right now.

Do you not agree they have attempted to fix every “Bug” in the system regardless of how it was created? Every system, every game, on every platform has bugs. Bugs are generally a result of programming mistakes or unforseen issues that present once live. Why do we need to resort to condemning a company that is trying to cater to not only bugs but keeping an inevitably unbalanced experience balanced?

i think their incompetence is far from complete, actually.

Man that last line is a doozy.

I clearly got what you meant because I pretty much said the same thing and just took it back to the root of the issue. Ya know, I played off of what you wrote? Same thing, different places. I’m sitting here explaining this. Do YOU understand?

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