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Complete incompetence - what's *really* going on?


well it wouldve worked if they correctly handled the distribution.


Same on IOS/Apple.

The regular road I play on (About 10 minutes long) is all 4G. There’s one TINY STRIP of 3G, and that causes me to have to restart my game… it’s literally 3 seconds!


Had to chuckle at this.

Been there. Management comes up with a brilliant idea. We explain why it will not work. We just have no faith and are to go ahead with the project anyway. Some of us work on the project, the others prepare the backup plan for when it fails. It fails. We institute the backup plan. Manager gets a bonus for solving this horrible issue we ran into. They move up the food chain for being so brilliant. New management moves in with a brilliant idea…



They found a worse way to do something and decided that’s the way to go, but it will take a couple of days to get ready to implement horrible idea number 873. If there’s a good way to do somethng and a bad way, ludia will seek out an even worse way. ‘We need migrations!’ ‘okay dinosaurs now know what day of the week it is and only come out for one of them. Oh and the commons will flood out all the useful commons from every zone…’. see… it is such a bad way of doing it, it wasn’t even on anyone’s radar as a possibility… They had to search out a worse way. That’s been about every decision they have made with this game… Find the even stupider way. It should be ludeas motto.


Their plan has been implemented, codename: Plan B, or what we’ll call “The plan that can’t possibly fail again, the second time.”


The fix is in. This thread can die now :wink:

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I think the reason why CEOs like that get to that position is due to the old saying -

“Great minds think alike, but the best ones think for themselves!”


Really… ? I’ve not heard this part yet lol…


Yeah it was added or can be added to the original saying a fair while ago actually, I remember hearing it as a kid.

Another great quote is by Einstein - “Originality is simply knowing how to conceal ones source”, which leads me to wonder about a number of “Einstein’s” discoveries lol.


I know it was a few days ago but what is glass door?

Also that sounds like a very upset ex employee. Have we checked to see if they weren’t responsible for some of our issues and alleged incompetence ?


Glassdoor is a listing of employer reviews. There is also an app.
The one employee review you are referencing was not the only negative review, there were many like that. Most negative reviews revolved around management not utilizing their resources properly.
There were also positive reviews.


you should inform the devs that their players are not being incompetent or impatient. I personally have worked on mini games and fulling understand the work involved with patches, updates, and bug fixes. The major problem is lack of communication and transparency. And im sure many many others understand as well. the easiest way to simmer down the community is to tell them exactly what is going on. there is a good chance that someone in the community could even help or give advice. we aren’t all drone plebs with bad attitudes. Many of us are getting increasingly frustrated because we are starting to run out of excuses to give ludia as reasons for the problems persisting. and it doesn’t seem at all like they test ANY of their updates. which honestly id be fine with if we were treated like beta testers rather than imbeciles who just don’t understand the work it takes to make a game.


Hey Alec, thanks for your input. We are always grateful for it. Rest assured that we’re constantly working on improving what our players are not happy with.


I stand by my assertion that it’s all an act.
They aren’t incompetent, but brilliant.

Just now it’s revealed that boosts are still available in unlimited quantities.



Yeah this thread just got a massive credibility boost today lmao.


Oh yes this one is a big nail in the coffin for sure. Hey Lydia, this box is almost sealed up, you might wanna get a necromancer