Complete profile lost

Has anyone lost their entire profile setting, dragons, points, and messages for support texts?


Well I had an issue where Titans Uprising and Berk forced me to sign in through Facebook instead of GooglePlay and had me start all over from the beginning leading me to believe I had lost everything, I also hadn’t recorded my support key for the Google Play accounts either so I thought they were lost for good. I just deleted Berk because it wasn’t worth the effort to restart but with Titans Uprising I didn’t want to give up due to my Clan so when I rejoined my Clan I was rather frustrated to see that my original account was still there and not actually lost. Someone told me their similar story and how they remedied it by deleting the app and then installing it again. I tested it out with Berk first and it worked, my original account was restored through Google Play. I had the same success for Titans Uprising with deleting and reinstalling the app to restore my original account. I don’t know if this is your situation but I hope you find the answers you need.


I went and tried to disconnect the other account from my Facebook and it prompted me to switch to the other account and now i have no access to my original account

Hey Vikings, if you’re having issues with not being to sign in to your original account, our support team would be happy to try and assist you in finding it.

If you have the support key from your old game, please reach out to our support team here at, along with the support key from the new game that you had started.