Completed offers, one was denied the other still pending?

I downloaded and started homescapes. I’m still playing it. I even completed the offer for completing the tutorial been playing it for s few days to make sure I’m well beyond the tutorial.
The offer for downloading and running the app was denied and that makes me really upset. Can I get some help?

I have offers th as t I have read the rules and either decided not to continue or I was ineligible due to already having a particular app. I requested that the pending apps I did not complete to please be deleted and I explained that i did not complete the offer and it was denied. Can i get some help with this?

Its a scam. They dont reward for the final fantasy game of war ripoff either… And since it IS part of the game they should be part of this process yet they outsource the customer service and deny responsibility for any part of it. Who is Machine Zone? Who is Tapjoy?

Hey Dori, the offers in the game are provided by Tapjoy. The staff from Tapjoy would be glad to investigate this issue for you. The easiest way for you to get in touch with them is through the support links which they provide in each of their platforms.

To find out more about the Tapjoy offers in game, you can visit our FAQ here:

@Ned can we please stop passing the buck to tapjoy. Are ludia not listening?! Tapjoy are not more than happy because they do not answer. Im owed over 4k units from a paid offer i completed over a week ago and still no response and yes ive provided proof. Ive been advised to go to trading standards for goods not received, if this is not sorted!

Ive just got my email from Tapjoy inviting me to participate!
Judging from the response on here I’m not touching anything from Tapjoy!!

But shouldn’t maybe YOU guys talk to tapjoy and tell them to fix their bugs because YOUR clientele are getting upset? Just a thought. But thanks for the information :ok_hand:

Anyone having issues not getting cash for signing up for offers? I signed up for dollar shave club but didn’t recieve my cash

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I did not get mine for the final fantasy game. Scam is all it is and jurassic world will not honor the rewards because they take no responsibility for the scam they integrated into the game itself…

Yeah it really stinks I don’t know whyvtgey don’t honor it

It doesnt work. You never talk to anyone. They never answer your questions… It is just an automated response from an e-mail bot. If you reply, you just get the same message back!

Yeah I’ve completed actions and tapjoy tell me they’ve rewarded me for them but I never see the cash in game. And ludia don’t even respond to my email. The game is good, just a shame the way it’s being run. Alot of players will get fed up and stop playing

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I also just got the IN GAME e-mail about getting +50% more for completing menial tasks in games i dont wanna play!

This continues to be an issue with Tapjoy. I started an offer that was required to be completed within 7 days on November 11, 2018. I downloaded the app FROM the menu and began. I completed the requirement on November 17, 2018. Yet now Tapjoy is denying and their support staff says “Too bad so sad, we can’t change it”.

Ludia, why do you allow this to happen to your players? I don’t want to continue to spend MORE money on the JW Alive game (already a VIP) but at this point, I’m owed 700 game cash and I want it.

I’m currently in the process of playing another one of the Tapjoy games that allowed about 4000 game cash and they better authorize that one (no requirement for completion).

Nobody notices the big spoofing app on his phone in both screenshots ? Lol

Hey apobby51, our team would be happy to take a look at this for you. If you had already contacted Tapjoy, could you email our team the email address you used to contact Tapjoy along with your Tapjoy case ID here at

I will send this over now. Thank you!

I just sent an email from my account and tried to give as much info as I could. Thank you @Ned.

@Ned, any update to my situation? I haven’t gotten a response to my email and see nothing here either.

Tapjoy is a massive scam they reward offers they want to and that’s it! I spent $20 bucks on final fantasy offer a while back, completed it and they denied me bc they said the game wasn’t installed through the wall, and it was… 16k hard cash gone… I have one I completed last week still pending and have got no help from them or Ludia…