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Completed Win streak Duty Reset

When I had completed Tuffnut’s Win 5 battles in arena duty and claimed it the duty i got after it was the Win Streak one (Reach Win streak of 5 in Thawfest games), which was immediately completed as I already had such a win streak. I could, however, not yet claim the duty rewards as my Duty chest was completely filled up by claiming the one before it.

Now, since I still had arena energy left I went and did some arena fights. One of which I lost. To my surprise when I went to check the duty Board i saw that the progress for my Win streak duty had reset. I can understand that such a thing happens when you haven’t reached the full Win streak of 5 yet, but I find it a bit ridiculous that one that was completed also resets.

Your point is?
You have to obviously have the streak when you want to claim it.
Your bug report would make sense if the 5 streak had to be done afterwards on the duty showing up, in that case you would have completed the duty and shouldn’t lose it…but not how it works.

I did not post this in Bug report myself (a moderator put it here).

I was just wondering why a duty that you have completed could get its progress reset. To me that just doesn’t make sense: once you complete a duty it should stay as completed even if you would lose the win streak before you claim it.

Zhyan is correct.

Once the Duty is complete it will change to a Claim button. In essence, you have completed the Duty and just need to claim the prize.

The status of the completed Duty shouldn’t change from completed back to in progress just because you later lose the win streak.

This is a bug and should be fixed.


The thing is, you didn’t complete it…you had the streak once the duty showed up, that’s not completing, it’s about what you possess at the time, it’s clearly a different kind of duty from all the others, no other duty is autocomplete once it shows.

The only thing you will manage to get the devs to do is to make it worse by making it about actualy completing the duty.

It isn’t my fault that i can’t claim the duty now is it?

In my situation there were 2 things i could do:

  1. Either give up on playing arena and losing out on some arena energy in fear of losing my Win streak.
  2. Or i could go play arena and hope that i don’t get any bugs/ extremely bad boards that would make me lose a fight.

Neither option is any good. In this situation you are deterred from playing arena and that just doesn’t make any sense.


You do have a good point. I would hate for Ludia to screw up the Duty just to fix that Claim button issue.

Yes, that’s the 2 options you have at all times, play or don’t play, same as everyone else.
That’s the same as complaining about the time bettween chest claims, that’s just the way it is.

Think it’s pretty much straight foward, that’s about possessing when you claim, don’t see anyone crying when they get the free duty done by default, would be pretty worse having to always reach it afterwards, that’s how every other duty works.

Bettween have it by accomplishment or possession mechanism, i rather stay in possession, so the only bug to be fixed @CaptWacky , would be to make it like every single duty insteed of paired with streak status.

Then I guess they should at least change the wording of the duty. Right now it is “Reach a Win Streak of 5 in Thawfest games”. So I’d say they should reword it to “Have a Win Streak of 5 in Thawfest Games” or something.