Completely one sided fight

If trophies lost or gained in battle are determined by skill why did I lose 34 trophies to this person
image image image image

tips to avoid that:
switch Blue off the team
try to get an armored creature (if you already have one good, use it more often against DG2)
either level Miragaia or replace it for a better counter attacker
is better to start with ID or evasive when using MEGA Becky

Because you got out-skilled by 2 commons. :rofl:
Maybe next time don’t try to get all fancy pants with your hybrids/rares/epics and stick to basics. I hope you learned something.

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I actually unlocked some new uniques in the game, basically they look like any other unique except they are on the ground and dont move.
Best of all i get them every match!