Completely Wrong Tournament!?

Epics and Rares only???


Yeah I don’t understand how this kind of mistake is even made.

Last two weeks tournaments were supposed to be restricted to two of each rarity. That didn’t happen. This week is supposed to be legend epic and rare and that hasn’t happened. Seriously what is going on. Who is in charge of this stuff?

Hey DPG members, the rarity requirement for this week’s Tournament should have been fixed. Could you please try restarting your game?

Thank you!

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IM writing this because in my last tournament battle, my oponent had an ankylomoloch and thylaconix in his team, what the hell is going on, I cannot use legendaries in my team they are not available to choose

try restarting the app. legends were originally intended but the tournament was bugged. restarting should allow you to chose them again.